Saturday, December 28, 2013


We love to ski. I love that the entire family (well, almost the entire family) loves to go skiing. It's Brigham's first year and he picked it up just as fast as Gavin, by only the second time down the hill. Not second time going to the mountain, his second time down the hill. The next time we went skiing, Brigham and I raced down the slope... and he won. He's too fast though. He needs to learn control a little bit more. He loves it and has lots of fun though.

Will is phenomenal . He tries new tricks, watches YouTube videos and practices as often as he can. Will skis backwards and then can do a 180 and face forward, going the same speed. He now does jumps and turns while he jumps off 20+ foot ramps. He shows me the videos afterwards. Yowza!! He recently skied on a half pipe.

Tyler is the only snow boarder in the family. He loves it. He is getting much better than last year too. Here he is boarding down the hill and catching a small jump. He landed it perfectly.  He also can board right foot in front, move the board parallel and then left foot in front. Pretty cool. The picture above look closely, he has his tongue sticking out as he concentrates. So funny!

Here's Gavin. Look closely, he's skiing BACKWARDS! Hmm, I wonder where he got that idea from! He copies everything Will does, except for those super high jumps. They are too high. And he's too young!  Will and Gavin have ski passes for Park City Mountain Resort where they go often, especially during Christmas break. But, when the family goes we head up to Alta or Snowbird together.

The snow is so beautiful I am so thankful we moved to Utah... the Greatest Snow on Earth. It's so fun skiing, sledding and playing in the snow. All the kids feel the same way. We love it here!