Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I. AM. Next!!

Friends out there, stop having babies before me. Put a stop to it, immediately! Please friends and acquaintances that are expecting, you cannot deliver your baby until I have first. Deal?

Yes, it’s a very touchy subject for me, as you’re already assuming. 
My friend Emme was due July 1st and her baby was just born on the 23rd. I found out at church. Of course, I am thrilled for her and her hubby... But, it did tick me off a tad bit. It’s her first!!! Come on! I totally thought I would go before her or at least much closer together.
I hopped on Facebook this morning and found out another friend of mine, Erin, had her baby. She wasn’t due until July 6th and he was born June 24th. Hello? What about me?
While living in AZ there were a bunch of us due in the same month. Two girls the first week, ME the second week, another gal the third week, and another friend of mine the fourth week. So friend #1 has her baby and all is well. The next weekend I am in primary as the chorister and I see the kids from friend #3 and #4 with grandparents and/or just dad. I ask them where their mommy is. “In the hospital, she had her baby!” BOTH friends #3 and #4 had their girls the same day, 6 days before me. I started to cry...right in the middle of singing time.  The other mothers and teachers knew how I felt, the kids looked at me like I was crazy. I was! Now it’s happening all over again!
Come on ladies. There is a due date for a reason, please stick to it and wait your turn! I am next. You hear me...I. Am. Next. Or so I hope to be!

Hopefully you all know that I am not really mad, just wanting to blog about another interesting part of pregancy!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Maternity Portraits

 A few days ago I had my maternity portraits taken, here are the ones I think turned out the best. There's a good variety.

 Cute Nathan was watching the entire time and kept coming in to hug me or kiss the baby. So cute!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm starting to really feel it now!

With less than two weeks to go it has suddenly hit me I have a ton to do before this baby comes. It seems like with every pregnancy it takes forever to get to the very end. Now, it’s all of a sudden here! BAM!
Over the weekend we took down all the baby things. IE bassinet, boppy, papasan swing, papasan chair, bath tub, Bumbo...Holy molly it was a lot of stuff. Why on earth does a tiny little 10 pounder need so many things? I guess he doesn’t, I do!
Last week I took down 3 newborn and infant bins with onesies, clothes, shoes and blankets. THREE bins? Really? I went through them all and gave a few outfits away and washed and folded everything else.
I finally got my maternity portraits done, check it off the list.
I am planning on sewing him a couple blankets over the weekend.
What else was I missing...Oh yeah, my birth plan, a list of things I need to pack to take to the hospital with me, registering at the hospital and a tour of the new hospital where baby boy will be born. As I read my birth plan I laughed. It was humorous. I tweaked it a little and printed it out. Will I need it? Will I even remember what’s on it or follow it? Who knows! Monday in another doctor’s appointment where I’ll make sure to ask the few last questions on my mind. Episiotomy, videotaping the birth, Scott delivering, children in room and me cutting the umbilical cord. Right across the street is St. Mark’s where we will go to register and take a quick peak of the labor and delivery floor and birthing suites. Now what? Is that everything? What else have I forgotten?

I am ready to go anytime now. My body is hurting. Throbbing. Aching. Sore. Contracting. I waddle everywhere. It’s hard to do the simplest of things. I always feel like a truck has run me over by the end of my pregnancy but it seems like it started earlier this time and is more intense than the others. I’m getting old. The baby is in position and has already dropped. Such a weird feeling having this hard ball thing between your legs. My last doctor's appointment I was dilated to a 2, we'll see what tomorrow's appointment brings.

Scott told me today not to do anything all day. Lay in bed, read, watch a movie, nap, and play on the computer. Then he said that’s what I should do for the remainder of this pregnancy. He is such a comedian. Like that is possible for me to do. Hello! I have 6 kids all going in different directions all the time. I still have a house to keep up with, a garden, food to buy and prepare. Besides all that, I still couldn’t do that. I’d rather be in pain at the water park or the park, zoo, Trafalga, a BBQ, in my garden...I'm miserable but at the kids are having a fun time!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New York City Extras

Here are some more fun pictures of my trip to New York City with two of my cousins. These are pictures from my cousin, Angie's, camera. I couldn't resist to share them with you all!!
 I'm hanging with the Subway Queen! Aleigh knew which train on which side and which letter/number to take to get us everywhere!
 With our cute cousin Joseph at his Baseball tournament in upper state New York.
 Walking around the Smith Farm in Palmyra, NY, here is Rick with 3 of his 4 sons. Future missionaries. Future leaders. Awesome!
 While shopping in SoHo we, I mean Aleigh, couldn't resist the store DASH. Here she is modeling like one of the Kardashian sisters. She fits in perfectly!
 On our way to our FIRST Broadway show, Lion King, in Time Square.

 On one of our many Taxi rides! So fun!
 Taking a little rest in Sprinkles while I wait for my cupcake order.
 Walking under one of the many bridges in Central Park.
 It sprinkled on and off that day, which was fine because it kept us all nice and cool and we hiked all over the island that day.

Olympus Football

 Will and Tyler wanted to play football this year, and Scott and I were all for it! They went to agility camp a few weeks ago and this past week was tackle camp. Both boys loved it and learned a great deal. At practice yesterday Tyler made a touchdown!

 The coaches broke the group up in two groups and had an obstacle course race. Here is Tyler running through the course, tackling and dodging.
 Will was on the opposite team and he hit and ran it hard.

These boys did a great job and are excited for the season to begin. They have a few weeks off and then football practice will begin for them. They wish it would start sooner.
Great work boys!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Car Seat Cover

I made this adorable car seat cover for baby boy #7, I've never had one before. Thought lucky #7 needs one. We bought him a new stroller and car seat so I wanted to match it as close as possible, and think it came it pretty dang well. Thanks to Cluck Cluck Sew for an easy tutorial. I also found this tutorial at Sew Much Ado which was super cute with gathered pleats and rick rack. It's a little beyond my sewing skills though. I would of done this one of I was making a cover for a girl though! Adorable!

I can't wait to see the new Thompson baby snoozing in there! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hill Air force Base

 The other day we decided to head up North to go to the Hill Air force Base. We were joined by some of our cousins from Alaska, which was a real treat. It's only about 40 minutes away from our house and well worth the drive! There is a huge area outside where there are a ton of air crafts, helicopters, missiles...

 Inside there are two huge bunkers of old planes, bombers and helicopters. There is also a children interactive area, where we eneded up staying most of the time with all the kids. They all got to dress up in different army, airforce and military attire, which of course they all loved.
 There were a couple similaters, computer games and other activities the children could try out and play on.

 Thank goodness for patted chairs where Jeana and I could rest and chat. We discussed the most important topic, planning a trip to Disneyland. Yes, we know where our priorities are! (That's your reminder Jeana! Get those tickets!! :)) And by the way, CUTE hair-do!
And how could I end this post without including this little gem of a photo! Look how adorable little Nathan is in his air force gear. Too cute!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Singing Time

We did an extra special singing time in primary today all about our dad's! It's a fun activity, but it does need a week or so of planning.
I went around after church a few Sunday's ago and took pictures of about 15 dad's hands. I also asked them their two favorite Primary songs (so we wouldn't get duplicates!) You could print out all the hand shots but I just took my laptop to church and showed the children that way. (It was cheaper!) They could guess whose hands they thought they were and then I would give hints like their favorite song or something about his children.
I was surprised how many children guessed their own dad's hands so quickly. Very observant!
A friend of mine told me another cute idea she has done before, which I'll probably do next year. She asked a bunch of dad's to meet outside the primary room and the dad's held up a huge sheet, so you could only see their shoes and part of their pants. The kids had to guess which legs belonged to which dad. And then he would tell his favorite song and the group would sing it.
It just came to me maybe I'd have that dad wear a crown and robe and sit on a huge chair (thrown like) and the children would sing to him. Fun!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Gifts

For Father's Day the kids and put these together, thanks to Pinterest for another great (and easy) idea!!The top picture I printed as a 5x7 and placed it in a cool vintage frame for Scott.

The bottom one is in a 8x10 frame. I do need to redo the shaded pictures, but ran out of time. Cute concept, just wasn't executed the way I wanted. Regardless, Scott will love it!

The boys also made these salt dough paper weight's. One says, "Dad Rocks" made with small rocks. Another has a heart on it with rocks all around it and the last one has a hand print.

The boys and I thought of a couple other cute things to do for Scott, but we'll see if I have time to actually accomplish it!

Happy Father's Day!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boys Portraits, oh my!

A couple days ago we headed to Wheeler Farm to get the boys portraits done. The ones I have hanging on the wall near the stairs are 2 years old. Hello! A tad bit behind. We will do family pictures in November after the baby comes.
The boys all did real well poising for me, but I was a little surprised when I got home to see some of these, especially the ones of Will. He looks like I'm about to send him off on his mission. Holy Smokes he's getting older and older by the minute! And handsome!
I haven't even put these pictures threw photo shop to tweak some of the lighting yet, I am just thrilled on how good they all turned out.
As were walking out the door 3 of the boys look at me and say something on the lines of, you're not going to wear that are you? Cute that they would know I would have a nicer outfit on, hair done with some make-up on.