Tuesday, January 27, 2015

16 years??!!

16 years married to this guy!! Not only am I super lucky, but I like to think that he is too! Scott is perfect for me and I am perfect for him. Together we are a power couple who help to balance each other out and make each other better all the time. 

Scott is so fun to be around. He works incredibly hard, loves to have a good time, is spiritual, intelligent and kind. He has been so wonderful to be around these last 16 years, even though it only feels like it has been just a few years! 

Happy Anniversary, Babe!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Three Months

HAPPY (belated) THREE MONTH BIRTHDAY to Robbie!! 

Well, that went way too fast! This sweet little guy has been such a great addition to our family. He is loved by all his big brothers. Robbie has this petite little baby doll face with these huge eyes always looking around. He coo's and smiles all the time. He's easy to put to bed and sleeps great at night. 
He has been a little under weight, so we've been working on that a lot lately. He went in for a weight check ad had gained almost 2lbs! Thank goodness!!  
We love you Robbie!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

So many Santa's!

Before 2015 gets too far along, I better post about Santa Claus. 

This past holiday season we were able to meet many different Santa's. Some were good and others great. We did tell our boys, which we have before, that lots of father's out there dress up as Santa to help Mr. Claus. There are so many shopping malls, parties and school appearances that the Big Guy can't make them all. So, he's hired dads to help. 
Now, these dad's have flown to the North pole for a special training on how to be the best Santa. These dad's have seen his work shop, elves and reindeer. It's a pretty important job that must be taken seriously. Scott is one of those great dad's that help fill in for Santa during his busy season. 

Preston was so cute when he would first notice Santa. He would yell "Ho Ho!!" and usually run to him. Brigham liked sitting on Santa's lap but Nathan was always hesitant and would go last. Just in case. The older boys would sit on his lap and pose for a picture because they love their mom. (I've heard she's pretty cool...)

Here are a few Santa's we met this wonderful Holiday Season. 

 In the grocery store....

In School...

At the Ward Christmas breakfast...

In RC Willey...

There were others...But I think you get the point. My boys are darling and still believe in Santa! 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's Eve and a Very Happy Birthday to Scott

Scott had New Years Eve (his birthday) off from work ... Thank Goodness!! We had a FUN day filled with lots of different activities and tons of games!! The night before, I wrote different activities our family would do together randomly throughout the day. Those ideas were then stuck inside balloons and a time written on the balloon that told us when it would need to be opened. It started with a delicious breakfast.  

Here is a list of the things I planned for the day:
  • breakfast
  • mock tails (I made three different ones of these)
  • write our resolutions on the chalkboard
  • draw and color pictures
  • decorated cupcakes
  • "ring in the new year" with ring pops
  • open gifts (Happy Birthday SCOTT!!!)
  • go to the zoo (it ended up being too cold to do this!)
  • Poppers
  • make mini pizza's for lunch
  • sparklers
  • Fireworks
  • special games
  • jacuzzi time

 Here is the list we came up with of games to play. We went through most of them...and it was a ton of fun!!
Below we are "ringing in the new year" with our ring pops!

CHEERS!! Here's one of the mock tails I made. Yum! I went to Pinterest and found a few I thought were not only easy to make but that my boys would enjoy. I bought plastic wine glasses for the boys to use. We also took turns making a toast. SO fun!

I found some cute pages for the little boys to color. And for the older boys, they completed a 2014 remembrance page. It was fun to see the kids write their year in review. (again, from Pinterest!)

One of the "special games" was the flour and the dime. Messy fun!  All the boys wanted to retrieve the dime and once they did they regretted it immediately. They say flour mixed with a bit of spit tastes like glue! 

Happiest of birthday's to this guy! 38 years old. Scott is such a great guy. We're lucky to have him in our family.

And, of course, was the annual fireworks celebration at the Towers'/Monson's home. Over 2,015 fireworks were set off. Awesome!!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Temple Lights

During the holiday season a must is walking around Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It's breathtaking. It's always so beautiful. I am especially thankful to live so close to the Salt Lake City Temple, where Scott and I were sealed for time and all eternity almost 16 years ago. 

Friday, January 2, 2015


Before the year ends, we had a minor operation scheduled for Preston at Primary Children's Hospital. He was adorable the entire time. He loved the attention from the nurses and doctors. He loved getting a bracelet, his weight and height checked. He also thought his new "pj's" were pretty cool!

He had his Mickey Mouse plush doll, blanket and passy...and he was off with his nurse and doctor in the little red wagon. 
They told us later they put him to sleep in the wagon with a gas mask that smelled like bubblegum then they moved him to the operating table where the plastic surgeon removed a large (hairy) mole on his shoulder.

When he awoke, he was a little groggy, but happy. Never crying once. They even wrapped his Mickey doll's hand where his IV was located. He asked for juice and popsicles. He downed four of them! 

This is what it looks like a week after the operation. Not too bad!