Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My lil Superman!

It's a bird... It's a plane...It's Gavin!

Last night before I went to bed, I checked on sweet little Gavin and found him on Jackson's bed snuggling up with his superman doll. It was so cute seeing him sound asleep, laying there so peacefully. Last night Scott didn't come home, because of a work conflict. But I felt safe with my lil Superman to protect me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun in the pool!

When the big boys are here we go to the large pool almost everyday. It cools us off, it's fun and it takes away every one's energy! But since the boy boys have been gone for a while, I brought out the little kiddy pool and place it in the front yard. We've done it several times, and it's been really easy and fun. I have also sat out in the sun with my feet dangling in the water to work on my tan. It's coming a long nicely! :)

Here are some pictures of the fun we've been having!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Creative and Inspiring

I wouldn't describe myself as a very creative or artistic person. I usually see something cute someone else has made or done and try to copy that the best I can. So, thank you to all my creative artistic friends out there! :)

I enjoy writing children's books. I have already written six, but it's been a long time since the last one was completed. I have those six printed out with cute pictures, laminated, and bound together (thank you Kinko's!). We really enjoy reading them over and over and the kids get a kick out of their mom writing all of them. It's a cute little series, "I Love it When..." I always use experiences from my family and use pictures of the boys. Some examples are: ...golfing, swimming, signing. I don't have any girl themed like ballet classes, or playing dress-up. At least not yet! :)

Well, the other day I was fooling around on the computer and came across the file entitled Children's Books. I opened it up and was floated with inspiration on a few new ideas. Right then and there I typed up another cute book. I also started scribbling down notes for three other books. I did feel very creative and I was defiantly inspired at that moment. It felt great. I enjoying writing about my adorable boys and the activities they enjoy doing.

Does anyone out there have a contact with a children's publishing co.?? I would love to show them what I got and share what more is still up in my imagination.

Terrifying 40 minutes

I am not the type to become overemotional or irrational at the drop of a hat. When one of my kids are screaming and blood is dripping from whereever, I remain calm. Their screaming, they're breathing. It's been nearly 10 years that I've had children and I cannot recall a moment like the one I experienced this afternoon. It was terrifying. In these 10 years I have never lost any of my children before. I think that's pretty good, but my winning streak ended this afternoon.

I took Gavin and Brig's to the San Tan Mall. It's an outside mall divided up by streets. There is one rectangular section that primarily focuses on children. We went and played in the fountain for a while. Then we headed to the toddler play area, next to the older play area. After about an hour or so we went and bought an ice cream cone. Walked through the pet store, Disney store, Build-a-bear and Children's Place. We were walking back to the car when a "60% off" sign at Gymboree caught my eye. I am still looking for an adorable blessing outfit for baby boy #6. So we went in. Gavin stayed in the front of the small store where there were toys and flip flops on clearance. I headed to the back of the store where infant clothing was located. I was there no longer than a minute. They had nothing close to what I was searching for. I turn around and Gavin is gone. I headed outside thinking he's playing on the playground equipment or back in the fountain. Nothing. I turn and head next door to the pet store. Nothing. I am not freaking out. I am still calm, but moving more quickly. I start heading into each of the stores. Nothing. How can this be? If any child attempted to leave this small little rectangular area, someone would stop them. They would have to cross the street to head over to other parts of the mall. Other parts we never go to. Then I remember I just watched that 48 hours special of that cute little boy who was abducted for 4 years. FOUR YEARS! My heart drops and tears started falling to the ground. It hit me. I lost my baby doll.

It had been about 25 minutes of my effortless searching. I went into a store and had them call Security for me. Security arrived and sent out a blast email to all the stores with a description of Gavin. The police were called and were there in a few minutes. Two things kept running through my mind. What a terrible mom I was that I looked away and allowed my precious boy to be lost. And two, if he wasn't in any of these stores, he must have been taken. As I am relaying this story to the police, they ask me several questions about Gavin. Then she asks, "What's his name?" Again, I break down and force out "G-G-G-avin".

I felt helpless. Humiliated. And so sad. Again, the security people went through all the stores and still nothing. I frantically text Scott and he is on his way. I'm not sure what he can do, but comfort a terrible mom. I lost his son. I lost my sweet Gavin. My eyes never stopped panning around the play areas, and fountain area where I was standing in front of. They needed a new picture of him. I had just taken several as the boys were eating their ice cream cones. Was this going to be the last picture I have of him?

I look up and see a young employee of Build-a-Bear walking hand-in-hand with my Gavin. I ran over to him, crying like a baby, scooped him up in my arms and hugged him tight. The lady said he'd been in the store for a while but he was playing with another little girl and her mom. She got the announcement, but Gavin was with them. So, she didn't think much more about it. I looked in that store 2-3 times. The security guards went through that store 2-3 times. How did we miss him? Gavin walked up to the register and handed the lady a bear he'd made and dressed. She looked at the woman next to him and asked, "Will this be all?" She began to explain he was not hers. They started asking Gavin where his mommy was. "I dunno." They asked him his name, but couldn't understand him until he said, "you spell it with a G!" :) He then explained to the lady that his mom was outside with her baby waiting. Well, kinda.

I kept hugging him, and kissing him. He is such a sweet and wonderful little kid. Gavin keeps kissing me back and telling me not to cry that everything is ok.
I went through that whole ordeal, without having a single contraction. Pretty surprising.

We're home. He's safe. And man, am I thankful how things turned out.

FREE Drinks!!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, I've already started having contractions. You know, those fake kind. But, they still kill and they last so dang long. For me it's like when you go running and get that high side cramp under your ribs. That's what they remind me of. When I get them now, it's a small isolated area, but really low and they last 5-10 minutes long. Straight! This is the same 'ol, same 'ol for me though. Nothing new, unfortunately.
I only get these crazy contractions when I'm moving too fast, carrying something too heavy or getting mad and yelling. If I can't do those things, what's a girl to do ? :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Craig's List

I am lovin' Craig's List! I use to have a love for ebay, but that is slowly dying. My three big boys went to Cali a few days ago and I have been going through their rooms and cleaning them out. Big time! Then, I went around the entire house finding little treasures that we no longer want or use. I am up to 22 items on Craig's list and almost half have already left to live with another family! YEAH! Strollers, DVD's, dressers, games, toys, bikes, scooters, craft crap, I mean stuff.....Just a little while ago on Scott's lunch break he met a guy and sold him this mini DVD player. We used it like 5 times. It's in great condition. That guy is happy, and we are too! Add another $25 bucks to my wallet! :)
Do you use Craig's List?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Strawberry Freezer Jam!!

We made our first batch of starwberry freezer jam! On Friday, before the boys left we made a batch, and it was a lot of fun doing it with the boys. Tyler and Gavin helped with washing the strawberries, putting them in the blender and adding half the sugar. Jackson and Will helped with adding the certo, more sugar and lemon juice and also poured the jam into the containers. It was super easy. 1 container is already gone! We can't stop eating toast with our yummy jam on it!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lemonade Stand

Will wanted to sell lemonade the other day, which I thought was a great idea. I made some while he set-up a table, made a few signs, gathered his brothers for some help, and brought out 2 chairs. Together they made $9.50. Pretty good for about an hour's work. The boys would shout and wave their signs as cars drove by. It was really cute to see them out there giving it their all. It was also really cool to see how many people stopped to buy some. After, Will gave out money to everyone that helped him. What a great kid!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boys Movie Night

The other night we invited over a few of the boys friends and had a very special boys movie night. Everyone wore their pj's and brought their blankets and a stuffed animal. We popped 6 bags of pop corn and watch Star Wars New Hope. (The REAL first one!)

We had 8 boys there! Maybe my future family!

Will 9yrs old, Jackson 7, Nathan 7, Tyler 5, Jacob 5, Gavin 3, Ben 3, Brigham 1.
It was a lot of fun. We plan on doing it again soon so we can watch Return of the Jedi!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Laundry vrs. dishes

This summer has been very interesting so far. My weekly laundry load has gone down considerably and the need for the dishes to be washed has gone up double time. Crazy.

Usually I'm doing about 12 loads of laundry on my laundry day. And that sucks rocks! But, since the boys are out of school and not changing out of their uniform into normal clothes, it's gone down to about 8-9 loads! Sweet!

But the dishes, oh the dishes. We're running that darn dishwasher at least once, but usually 2x a day! That's crazy. And the boys use paper plates! Go figure! Glad to report that I don't do the dishes in my home, but I sure don't like the way they've been piling up. I just might have to start doing them. (Yeah, right! :))

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Freegan, have you heard of this?

I saw a show on Oprah last year about freegan. DO you know what this is? Part of me is like, SICK and oh, so wrong. And the other part of me is really interested in how this all works. Freegan is a person who pretty much dumpster dives and finds treasures. On Oprah is was mainly perishable food items that people would find in dumpsters behind grocery stores and such. I've thought about wanting to go, but I'd never just go by myself or alone. Too weird and unfamiliar.
One of my friends was telling me about freegan and she has found cards, roses and frozen chicken breasts still in packages. I started asking her more questions and she finally confessed she's a freegan. (or goes freegan. Not sure of the lingo).
Tonight she is off to Cost-co, Safeway and Fry's and I am coming along for the ride! I am excited to see how it all works behind the scenes. I won't be jumping into any dumpsters, being preg-o and all, but it will be fun to watch all the action!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Father's Day Academy Awards...

My boys have been in Santa Barbara for the last 4 Father's Day's and have missed spending this special time with their dad. So we decided to celebrate a little early this year so we could all be together. We held the first annual Father's Day Academy Awards ceremony.

Each of us choose a category with other hopeful dads and drew a picture about it. Will's category was, "The hardest working dad" one of the other male names was Simon Cowell. Jackson chose, "The most fun dad". He also added in Bob Barker, and David Archileta. Tyler chose, "the best Wrestler dad". Other nominees for this category were Hulk Hogan, and The Snake. Gavin wanted, "The Funniest Dad". Jim Carey and Mickey Mouse were also nominated. (Yes, the boys chose all the extra nominees, some of which were quit funny!)

The last award was presented and it was for, "The World's Best Dad". Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were of course nominated also, but Scott won each category by a landslide! We presented him with his trophy, all the pictures the boys drew and shirts we had made for him a while back.

It was a lot of fun. They boys were totally into it and Scott was surprised and extremely grateful. He is such a wonderful father to my boys. I couldn't ask for anything more....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sea World!

We decided very last minute to go to Sea World. Right now if you buy a ticket it's good for the rest of the year. We needed to drive half way to Santa Barbara to pick up Gavin, so we went a little differently and met my mom at Sea World. The kids were really surprised and excited about it.

The boys fed sea lions and sting rays. You can buy these little fish and you have to hold them a certain way depending on which animal you're feeding. It was really fun to watch the boys do this.

Here is Gavin ready for the Shamu show. He sat down, took his shirt off, and just waited patiently for Shamu. It was so dang cute.

Sweet Brigham half way through the day. Poor little guy was so tired!

Jackson and Gavin watching Tyler, Will and Nana on the Atlantis ride. They also got soaked standing in that area watching the boats drop. It felt so good!
Here they are!!
We had a blast at Sea World and are excited to go again soon. Hopefully next time Scott can join us!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FREE Floats

Free Floats - For One Night Only!!!
Sonic would like to thank their great customers for going to Sonic with Free Float Night.
Drive in between 8 p.m. and midnight on Wednesday, June 3, and receive a FREE 10 oz. Root Beer Float.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The 2nd Day

The second day of scout day camp was equally as fun, it just started getting really tiring.

Our first ration was in the craft lodge where the boys made a cool pirates booty necklace to hold their jewels in it. There was sowing involved, so I did most of the work for my boys. It was still fun.
Next was Scott's location where we had races to see which team could blow with a straw their ping ball ball to the other side first. Scott kept switching up the teams and the direction, which made it even more fun!
We also had a soccer game in the middle of a rain storm, more swimming, bb guns, and archery.

That night they boys put on an adorable little skit. Will was the narrator. Tyler was a skeleton man that walked by a scary pirate and said a cute little remark. Jackson was a pirate that walked by the pirate too. They boys received an award for the best skit the last day of camp! YEAH!!

On the drive home, the boys all fell asleep again. It's a long day, but jam packed full of fun things to do. I just wish it wasn't so dang hot outside. I could of gotten a good tan!

There will be no day 3 of blogging about camp. I ended up not going. My babysitter bailed on me last minute, 1 hour before we were needing
to head out. I know suck-a-mongas! Which ended up being a good thing. I really enjoyed the time home with Brigham.