Monday, October 24, 2011

Craftin' Away...

 It was a long 4 day weekend (YEAH!!) and the family and I spent most of the time having fun! We went to the movies, the zoo, some went camping, working on Reflection entrees (more on that later), reading and crafting. I made that cute witch (above) which was a lot of fun. My friend in the ward cuts wood out. I panted it, sanded it and stained it. (It's missing a cute crescent shape for the hat...darn kids!)
 These two (cut out by the same friend) were made last week in a Relief Society craft night activity. Easy and fun!

 I also made this cute board over the long weekend. Again, it was simple to make and fun!
I haven't had much time lately to craft, so this was a rare occasion. I have a few more Halloween things to do and several Christmas ones I want to complete this season. Cross your fingers I can get to them all!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blockbuster Express Movie Codes!!

There are a bunch of FREE codes for Blockbuster Express! You'll need to hurry they all expire soon!

Codes That Expire 10/24/11:


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We rented 4 cute kid videos today. The little boys just loved to choose their own movie!

Thanks Melissa for this great info!!

Gymnastics Training Center

 (Please excuse the terrible pictures! My camera has been giving me trouble and unfortunately I don't have any great shots from the awesome party!! UGH!)

For Tyler and Jackson's birthday party we rented out the gymnastics Training Center right by our house. It was super fun! We had 45 kids and 25 adults in attendance!! Here is Tyler jumping of the mats into the foam pit. The most popular activity at the center.

 I jumped in a handful of times, which was really fun. It took forever to claw myself out of it though!
 Here's Greg jumping! The kids and adults had a BLAST!!
 Cute Nathan and his cousin John were the biggest dare devils of them all! They both would jump in over and over and over again! They were so cute to watch!
Here's my mom even trying it!

Thanks everyone for coming and spending this special evening with us!

Tyler's Baptism

 My sweet Tyler had a birthday and turned a magical number, 8. This is a big deal in our family, like many of yours. Tyler has been excited for months about the opportunity he has to be baptized. It was such a wonderful event filled with happiness and love.
 Right before the event took place we were able to get some shots of him with Scott in front of the font.

On Tyler's special day we had a lot of friends and family in attendance. The kids from his primary class came, grandma and grandpa, Nana and Papa, cousins from out of town, friends from Provo and lots of family in SLC.
THANKS everyone for making this day a little bit more special for him!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Here is a link to sign up for SwagBucks if you are interested!  This is an awesome web search engine that you can use to earn extra points and redeem for Amazon Gift Cards.

Search & Win

If you want to know more, let me know!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sun Flowers!

 I planted a bunch of sun flowers all over the yard in the springtime. Most of them I have picked and I am starting to dry them out. The heads on these are HUGE! A couple of my neighbors said they've never been able to grow them so large before...Cool!

There are so many of them and about 5 others I need to cut down soon!

Dried Apples

 Our neighbors are huge gardeners around here. I LOVE it! We barter some of our produce to each other and give a bunch of it away. The neighbor across the street has peaches and pear trees.  I bottled a ton of pears and made pear sauce with it. YUM! One of my neighbors next door had a ton of extra apples. I made a bunch of canned applesauce and we decided to dry the rest of them. It took only a couple of hours and it was a fun project. All the kids were involved!

 One of my other neighbors made this dehydrater many, many years ago. We borrowed it to dehydrate the apples. It took about 20 hours and we ended up with 2 huge zip lock bags FULL of apples! YUM!


 Jackson, Tyler and Gavin started basketball a few weeks ago. They have practice once a week and games every Saturday. They all seem to enjoy playing and practicing at home. Scott and I bought them each a basketball to practice drills and shooting.

 Tyler usually scores 3-4 times each game! He's a maniac out there!
 Gavin's team does a lot of drills and teaching them the fundamentals of the game. The kid he's practicing with looks waaay too big to be playing in Gavin's league!

 During the games the other brothers get a little bored! They enjoy playing on my phone...
 Scott co-coaches Jackson's team. (Surprise, surprise Jackson's team doesn't have a coach! EVERY sport Jack plays he NEVER has a couch and Scott always has to step up and fill in! What is with that?!?!)
Jackson enjoys playing, he just doesn't have the enthusiasm like the other brothers.
There are 4 more weeks of this season and then another basketball season begins. Not sure if the boys are wanting to play more or be on swim team again. We'll see!

Rosecrest Produce Co-op

The produce co-op I started in the summer time with 12 ladies every other week has now grown to 50 ladies (with 3 on the on-call list) every week! It's been awesome!
Every week I order different fruits and veggies from the wholesale grocer in my area. They have been great to work with. I make the order on Tuesday morning and they deliver it all to my home early Wednesday morning. I put out the baskets (with Scott's help!) and load up all the food! It's only $16.50 a basket! GREAT deal! It's not a business for me, but I do get my basket for free though! My boys devour all the yummy fruits and (some) of the vegetables that we get!

If you're interested in starting your own, let me know and I'll fill you in on the details!

Second Preschool For Brigs

Brigham attends the preschool right next door in Miss Dana's basement only 2 days a week. He started that a few weeks ago. Well, he wants to go more often. But, he's only 3 and can't. So we decided to have him attend the 3 year old preschool at Rosecrest (the boys elementary school) where Gavin went last year. Brigs goes to that school 2 times a week as well, and LOVES them both!
His first day of Rosecrest preschool was last Monday. He did great.

Right away he knew where to hang his backpack, find his name badge and cubby. He also knows both of the teachers real well and of course, where all the toys and books are located in the room! Such a good, happy kid! Sure love him!

Zoo Passes...Finally!

 We FINALLY bought our zoo passes for the year! The Hogle Zoo came out with a new policy where you can combine families on your passes! So, one of my cousins and I bought our passes together! Each card gets in 6 kids and 2 visitors, unlimited train and unlimited carousel rides!!
 The last time we went to the zoo was almost a year ago and cute Nathan didn't remember it at all. He was so cute to watch. He got so excited to see all the animals! He's checking out the cute baby elephant.

 This guy is a little bit freaky! I had to give him/it a double take...but then figured out it was two giraffes standing in a peculiar place! Weird!

After riding the carousel numerous times, playing in the playground and walking around the entire zoo...The kids were beat. It was a fun day!

PS thanks Will for helping me tremendously that afternoon! I am so proud of Will in how he (usually) steps up and helps me out!! Love you bud!