Saturday, July 31, 2010

Master Bedroom/Office and Bath

My bedroom/office is almost done so I wanted to share some picture with you. I am still needing to unpack few more boxes and add some decor, but here it is!
You enter my bedroom from the top level through french doors (2 doors, extra large entry!) SO beautiful. The entire upstairs has vaulted ceilings, beautiful woof shades, great carpet, and molding. P.S. great lookin' bed...right? Scott made that for me with some help from Papa!! Thanks guys!

The door leads to the master Bath, which I'll show you in a little bit...
Our room is pretty large and long. So we decided to split it in half and make part of it our office. We used our dresser to divide the room up a bit. Not the greatest solution but it work for us right now.
The master bath has a huge jacuzzi tub. I've only taken a tubby time 1once in there, but come winter I'll almost live in there!
The shower is pretty spacious with beautiful tile everywhere. It has a main shower head, another one you can move, and 4 smaller lower side sprayers. The bathroom has double sinks, which is wonderful! The toilet is in another separate room opposite the sinks. Love that feature too!
There is a great walk-in closet that Scott and I share with baby Nathan sometimes! (When Brig's is taking his nap we like to put Nathan is here for his)

There it is! We are truly blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful home with so many extra features. It fits our family perfectly!

The ditch...and my backyard!

Here is the view off my deck in the back. It's so beautiful here. The other direction are the gorgeous mountains. I can't wait for fall (my favorite time of year)!!
There is this ditch in our back are that runs along the entire street and many others. About every 4 days there is water in the ditch that we can use. For free. It's been hot here so the kids have enjoyed playing in it. We also use the free water to water our grass, fruit trees and other plants around the yard. How cool is that? Soon, it will water my garden!

This is the side of my yard, next to the garages. The water comes out of this tunnel into our yard when we turn it on. It rushes down the path we've hoed to water certain areas. The boys bring out their snow boards buckets and sleds and play in the water.

This is right outside our gate where we can move a paneling and have the water enter our yard. We only had it about 1/3 way because our other neighbors down from us were also watering their yards and pants.

We have a pretty spacious backyard area. Enough room for grass, fruit trees, plants, and soon a garden area.
The picture above and below are one of my neighbors yards. He has this system to a T. He has a huge garden, lots of grass and he also pumps the water to his front yard to water. Awesome!

Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer Day! We had a bunch of family over for Sunday night dinner then we lit some fireworks. It was fun! Greg said before he hated fireworks! Who can say that? How can anyone HATE fireworks? So, I kept him busy by lighting most of them. After he did admit it was fun!

A bunch of my girl cousins! Kelsey, Bubbles, Brynn, me Ang, Aleigh and my sweet baby dolly boy Nathan. What a good lookin' group of girls!
Bubbles with her adorable daughter Mara. What great smiles they both have!
Brynnlee and Zak. Those two cute love birds!!
Aleigh, JJ and Nathan. What great family I have!!
We had a FUN evening! Thanks Pioneer's for trekking through the mountains to get get so we could be in a parade and light fireworks!

Friday, July 30, 2010

10 Months Old!

I remembered late last night that my sweet baby turned 10 months old! Holy smokes...Where has the time gone?! He is still so small, but growing and changing daily! How can I stop it? If you know, please fill me in.

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet baby doll Nathan. Nater's. Nate.

Here are the TOP TEN thing's I just LOVE about him.

1. His smile. It's contagious! He is so smiley, always has been. He lights up a room when you walk in!

2. He giggles the cutest little giggle you ever had heard. The brothers are all real cute with him and make him laugh all the time. It's truly the best sound in the world!

3. He claps so well, and on cue! We'll say "Clapa, clapa, clapa" And he'll clap (with his huge smile!) It's so cute.

4. He sleeps so well. I love that he's easy to put to sleep, he takes long naps and sleeps through the night.

5. His crawl is adorable. He's all over the place and super fast too. He crawls on his left knee and right foot. It's so funny!

6. He loved his tubby time. He'll babble away splashin the water and have a ball. I put him in the sink in the laundry room while I do the laundry. He loves it and I love it!

7. He is so easy going. We all run around doing errands and he just comes along for the ride. Hardly ever complains. A great 6th child!

8. He is so easily entertained. I can hand him my cell phone or a hair clip and he'll be busy for a while. With his toys he's in heaven. He loved to tip over his toy basket and pull out all the soft noisy toys.

9. He nurses so easily and fast. 5-7 minutes on each side. Now that works great with my busy schedule!

10. He loves his mommy. His eyes light up when he sees me. He crawl extra fast to get to me or cruise in his walker to where I am standing. I sure do love that little guy!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photog results

Here are the Photog picture I have participated in these last few weeks. And of course they are in order backwards! Ugh! My friends Teresa started this photog project and it's been so fun.
For the picture below the word of the week was "Calm".
Which one do YOU like best? "Travel"
"Metal" "Book"

This weeks work is "Pride"...I'm still working on it!!

Donut Falls...Sounds yummy!

The other day we decided to go to Donut Falls for a family hike. It's been really warm here and when you're up in the mountains it's much cooler. It was a pretty easy hike. A little over a mile to the top, a real cool waterfall that is falling between the rocks. The rocks form a donut shape while the rushing cold water pours through it. It was beautiful and fun!

I am a little scared of height and don't enjoy climbing up steep, slick rocks. I was totally out of my comfort zone and climbed right up. I'm glad I did and was real proud of myself!

Tyler and Will hiked to the top. If you look to the left of Tyler in the cave you see the water dumping inside, that's the "donut".

The boys took of their shirts and played around in the cool refreshing water. It was fun! We ran down the hill and raced each other. TO the first stop, the bridge, Jackson won. The second stop was to the car and Will won that leg.

Sweet Scott held Nater's the whole time on his back. He was pretty sweaty afterwards!
Me and my boys!
I you can believe it, I forgot my camera...Scott took all these shots on his phone. That's why I'm in so many of them! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day!

Our family participated in the Butlerville Days Parade in Cottonwood Heights area. The boys all dressed up and we decorated their bikes. They handed out candy for us to through at the spectators. It was a super hot (90's!!) but it was a lot of dun and we're all glad we volunteered.

Jackson and Gavin were dresses like pioneers and Tyler was dressed up as a cowboy. I walked with them in the parade while they rode their bikes. I held water bottles and a water bottle sprayer thingy that I used to cool the boys down ever few minutes.
I still have a bunch of my craft items in boxes that I haven't unpacked yet, so it was a little tricky getting their costumes and bikes decorated. I found some extra fabric I cute and used to make Gavin's bandanna and Jackson's foe suspender's.
Notice the drip of sweat running slowly down Jack's check...
it was H-O-T!!
After the parade at a local park there were jumpers, rock walls, face painting, food vendors, crafts and games, balloon animals, hair spray area and lots more fun things to do. There were also lots of free food samples.
Nathan cooling down eating some grapes and watermelon. You can't tell here, but we kept dripping water on his hat to keep him cool too.
Colored hair spray + face painting + water sprayed from a fire fighter's hose = Jackson's picture...

Happy, happy Pioneer Day to all!!!