Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little more of SB!

I was going through my camera last night and found I still had a few pictures of our Spring Break trip we took to Santa Barbara.
The weather was perfect while we were there. One day the boys blew up a little pool and played in the water for hours. Cute little Brigham kept watching them through the window. So, I finally let him out to explore the water. I honestly didn't think he'd get too wet. The water was REALLY cold!

There is always yard work at Nana's lush green home. And most of the boys love to be outside helping. Everyone but sweet little Jackson! He just doesn't have the green thumb like I do! I got it from my Gram. Will loves it, Tyler loves it and Gavin does a little too. My mom, Scott and Jackson prefer to do other things!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Last Saturday I went to a tri-stake gardening class that went from 9am to 2pm. I actually stayed until closer to 4pm and he still wasn't done! It was pretty awesome. We met in the chapel and he discussed several things and showed us pictures of before and after and the different ways to build your garden. He has visited all over the world teaching different communities and governments how to build and maintain a proper garden. Jim follows and teaches the Mittleider Method. Have you ever heard of that?

There are several people in our ward and community that want to build a garden. I'm trying to find out if we can have a community plotting area or if we all do this in our own backyards. I love, love, love gardening! I always have. In Santa Barbara my garden was always thriving. Then I moved here to HOT, HOT, HOT Arizona and can hardly manage to grow anything. BUMMER!

I am a little skeptical of going to all the work and doing a mini garden in my back yard and then have it fail yet again. I know his methods will work virtually anywhere, just not here. But we'll see! I have been collecting all the tools and things I will need and this Saturday we'll start. I'll keep you posted!

Here are some photos of last Saturday's event.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


What a GREAT little puppy Cooper has turned out to be. He is great with the kids. He follows me around like a little shadow. We've taken him to doggy obedience lessons and he's doing really well. It's an 8-week course, and we have only gone 3 times. But the 6 tricks they taught us he has already picked up on and doing great.

Coop will run after his toys we throw, snuggle on the couch with us and even sleep on the boys bed when they're sleeping.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Will participated in another Pinewood Derby this year. Last year was fun, but Scott jacked up his wheels so he came in last most of the time and it broke his little heart. This year was a little different though. Will drew out what he wanted his car to look like and Scott helped his the entire way. it ended up looking like a Ferrari! It looked hot!

Will did a lot better this year and place some 1st but mostly second place. The brother all cheered him on!

Will's award was the "Best Design". He was thrilled.

After, they handed out cupcakes for everyone. It was a fun event!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Broken!

Well, I am so plesed to announce that my sweet little Gavin is officially potty trainned! (Now that I say that out loud, he'll have an accident!) Where ever we go, I am always reminding Gavin that there is a cool pottty there and he should use it.

Last night there was movie night at the boys school and I kept reminding Gavin about the cool potty in the teacher's lounge. As we're walking out he decides he needs to go. As he's in the restroom, I am still carrying things out to my car. When I came back in I walked into the lounge and the bathroom door is wide open and there is cute little Gavin buck naked on his tippy toes trying to use the urinal.

"You done?" I ask Gavin. With a big sign he says to me, "mom it's broken. It just doesn't work anymore!" Trying not to laugh, I then ask him, "Do you want to go to the doctor's?". He quickly says with conviction, "the doctor.....to look at my penis? NO!!"

When we arrived home he was able to go right away in the potty.

I guess it's not broken after all! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brigham's Party!

We had a little family birthday party for Brigham while Nana was here visiting! While Brig's was taking a nap we decorated a little and made cupcakes for us all to enjoy.

We all sat around the table with our party hats on and played a couple of games. We guess how many cheerios were in the jar, which Tyler won! YEAH! We next played a little drawing game. For 10-15 seconds everyone has a piece of paper and starts to draw Brigham. Then when the time is up we change papers with the person on out left. We continue drawing Brigham and repeat that a few more times. Here are a few of the portraits we ended up with.

We then sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him and gave him his first cupcake. He downed it fast and enjoyed it a lot. The boys decorated some other cupcakes and ate a few more. YUMMY!

Brigham looked so cute with frosting all over his chubby little face!

Nana bought him a little slide and after he ate his cupcake he enjoyed playing on that for a while.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tubby Time!

I love the bath. I love taking nice long bubble baths with candles and scented stuff in the bath. I love reading and snuggling with my bath pillow. I also love tossing the boys in the bath. They could stay in there for hours if the water didn't get cold. They too love it. I out bubbles in there and they have their own bath toys that they play with for hours.

I especially love tubby time when the little ones are poopy or anyone is dirty. I just toss them in and it cleans the boys for me! What a wonderful invention!

Here is sweet Gavin and Brig's sharing a tubby time together. Brig's was in there first and Gavin walked by and all of a sudden he started undressing and he was in the bath too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bike time!

It's been so beautiful here in Santa Barbara. I am thinking why in the world I ever moved. Oh yeah, I can't afford to live in paradise when Scott has no job and is a student! Duh! :) It sure is fun to visit here. It's fun to see old friends and go to my favorite restaurants like Chubby's, Rusty's, Pascuchis, Giovanni's, Three Pickles, Rudy's, and a few others.
Brigham is the newest model and spokesperson for the Levi co. What a cutie!!

Today was just beautiful, again. So sunny and warm. The boys took out there scooter's that we brought from AZ and we also took out their bikes. Nana has a bike in her garage for each boy when they come and visit! How much fun! And how spoiled are they! :)

Finally, Papa arrived after being gone all morning long to do errands. Right when he pulled up Brigham got all excited and started running into the street into Papa's arms!

Why do you...

When my mom flew in last week from California the boys were all very excited to see her again. I picked her up at the airport with Brig's and Gavin and we headed straight to the boys school to get them. We walked to each classroom and the boys were so excited to see their Nana there.

Will runs up to her and hugs her tight. As they walk through the hallway will turns to my mom and says, " Why did you dye your hair white on the top?" !!!!! HA!!!! HA!!! I was laughing so dang hard! My mom said she's been too busy to dye her hair BROWN but would do it when we got to SB. (Yeah, right!)

Here is what her hair looks like!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rockin' Ranch

On Friday night we went to Rockin' Ranch with the boys. My mom flew in earlier in the morning and came with us. It was a lot of fun. We have heard a lot about the place, so we decided to go as a treat with Nana.

Jackson, Tyler, and Gavin all dressed in their cowboy clothes and we're ecstatic all day to go. We went a little early to do some of the activities before the dinner and the show. The boys panned for gold first. Will found the most little pieces of fool's gold and was very excited about it.

We walked around and saw some beautiful horses.

The boys all took turns at the shooting range. Will accidentally shot out one of the lights as he was cocking up his rifle. Oops!

There was a western BBQ dinner that was yummy. There was a little show after where a band played several songs and they even called up some volunteers to perform some lasso tricks. I was called up! Scott is a sneaky little fella!

After the music there was a gun fight outside. The boys really enjoyed it all.