Wednesday, July 27, 2011


In May when I went flew to Santa Barbara I planned out the entire summer. We blocked THREE fun-filled weeks of different camps and activities for the kiddos to participate in.

The first week Brigham and Gavin went to Zoo camp. Will, Jackson and Tyler attended Art camp. All the boys had a fun time. They were at camp for most of the day which was a nice little break for me. Nathan and I had a little one on one time and we too had fun.

Week two Will went to baseball camp. Jackson and Tyler had Zoo camp and Gavin attended Safety town camp. Brig's hung out with Nate, Nana and me.

Week three no one had camp. We hung out and played at Nana's house. We went to different parks, went on walks and hikes, the beach (shocking!), Geo caching, Fiesta activities and most importantly Scott came to visit.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 When heading to Southern California, Henry's Beach is a MUST! We all flew to Santa Barbara and stayed with my mom for three wonderful, relaxing, full, fun weeks! We headed to the beach almost every other day. It was fabulous. We have collected boogie boards, sand toys, an umbrella, chairs, a skin board and other goodies for the beach at my moms house. We always have a blast!

I love the beach. I love the smell. I love the sound. I love the colors. I love the temperature. I love the water. I love the sand. I love to swim out to the buoy. I love to boogie board in it. I love dive into a huge wave. I love taking walks down the beach and collecting shells and sea glass. (I do not like swimming in sea weed. I do not like jaws or walking on rocks while trying to head out to deeper water!)

 This was Tyler's first attempt at the new skin board...and he did great! He kept practicing on that and became pretty good. I did teach him to slide into a wave. It helps his to add a little lift to his run and most importantly if/when he falls the wave provides a better cushion.

 Nathan did not like the sand one bit. He had to have his flip flops on to walk on it. If his shoes were not on his feet he would just sit on Nana's lap or on a boogie board and play. He was so silly!

Will, Jackson and I boogie boarded the most but Tyler, Gavin and Brig's went out a little too. More of those photos later!

If was so fun! I already miss it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nice Neighbors

 We have some GREAT neighbors in this community! One of the families has a pool (with a diving board, slide, and lots of fun toys!!) and they open it up to us! How wonderful are they?!

 The boys love heading over to the Patten's pool and having a blast...So do I!
 Some of the cousins met us there the last time we went.
Adorable goggles Ang!! She is prepared just in case she gets thrown in! :)

Here is Kelsey modeling with her make-up running down her face. Cute Nathan didn't get in much. He enjoyed pitting on a huge inflatable chair watching us. He did jump in at the end for a few minutes of fun with mom.

THANKS again!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pool Day!

 One of my neighbor's has a pool and kindly opens it up once a week for the neighborhood families during the summer! We've now been a few times, but here are some shots of our first plunge! They have a diving board and a slide! So much fun!

 Will learned how to do a back dive!

THANKS Chris and family for allowing us to take over your backyard! It was a lot of fun, as always!!

Produce Co-op

 I started my own produce co-op!! I got GREAT information on how to do this here. It looked like a great thing to do, so you know me, I did it! I asked some cousins and neighborhood friends and gathered 14 of us together. I made the order on Tuesday morning through a local whole sale produce company. They delivered all the produce this morning, right to our door! I purchased small laundry baskets from the Dollar Store and started loading up the baskets.
 I had help from the boys and Scott, THANKS guys! In every basket there were an even amount of produce. All the extras went into an "extras" box for later choosing.
 Look how beautiful these produces are! WOWZA!!
 In each basket everyone received 1 clove of garlic, 1 head of lettuce, 1 cauliflower, 2 broccoli's, 7 bananas, 1 1lb bag of baby carrots, 4 oranges, 8 apples, 11 plums, 15 apricots, and a 5lb bag of potatoes. Also, each gal chose 4 items from the "extra" box. Each person paid $16.50 and we will make an order every two weeks!
Our co-op group is called Rosecrest Co-op! I am thrilled I started one in my area! I already have 4 more ladies who want in!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sparkler FUN!!

I learned how to change the setting in my camera to make some of the above pictures with the sparklers. Didn't they turn out so dang cool? I found some great info on how to do this on Sugar Bee Crafts and Brown Paper Packages.

The end of the 4th

 After the fun BBQ we headed over to the park where the fireworks were going to go off. We got there a little early to get good seating. The kids played and ran all over. It was a beautiful evening. The temp was cool and there was a slight breeze in the air. It was perfect!
 Nathan tackling his cousin Jack with a little help from Brigs.

 My handsome 3 year old!
 Angie bought all the kids glow sticks that they either put on their wrists or around their ankles. They loved them!
 The Walkers snuggling with each other watching the fireworks!

 We lit some sparklers, which Naters was a little worried about at first. He liked it later watching the other kids play with them.
FUN day. FUN evening! Happy 4th of July!!