Friday, July 31, 2009

More mud play!

It has been so cotton-picken hot lately the kids have been playing in the front yard with water. There is a little kids pool to play in, but I guess it's so much more fun to play in the mud. With all your clothes on. We go to the pool several times a week, but I guess for them it's just not enough.

Cute Gavin was walking around like a gang member with his shorts hangin' so low. As I looked a little closer I saw he didn't have any underwear on and was showing his nickel slot! It was so cute. Then , he squatted down and this is what I saw...

Now that's funny!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Losing some teeth!

For a while now Jackson has had several loose teeth. One of the bottom ones fell out and then a few days later the two top ones came out. He looks completely different to me. It's weird. He looks a lot younger too. I don't like anything about wiggly teeth. It totally grosses me out. Maybe it's been one too many scary movies, not sure. I have to leave the area while Scot ts help pull the tooth out. Just typing about it right now is giving me the willy's. Yucky.

One night the tooth fairy forgot to come. It had rained, thundered and there was a lot of lightening that night. She must of got caught in the storm. The next night she remembered and placed a larger amount under Jackson's pillow. She must of felt real bad about it!
Jackson's 2 top teeth were really loose and the boys were wrestling and horsing abound one evening and one of the boys, probably Gavin clocked him in the face and it just came out. That one was a little sore, and it sure bled a lot.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wrestle Time!

Once or twice a week Scott will have wrestling time with the boys. It's really fun to watch everyone. We started doing it several months ago to help Tyler get out some of his excess energy. It's Tyler's favorite thing to do and asks for it all the time.

Well, the other day Will had a friend over, Jackson had a friend over and Tyler had a friend over. That's 8 boys under the age of 9 all taking turns wrestling with Scott. (I guess just 7, Brig's just sat there and watched. Every once ina while he'd walk over to Scott look at his face and sit down right next to him. Cute kid!) I wrote all the boys names down on a piece of paper and drew 2 at a time. Then we started drawing 3 at a time. By the end it was a free for all and all the boys ran and jumped in. Scott was real cute with all the boys, never coming close to losing though! After, he was sore like always...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FREE art classes!!

If you live here in the valley, take advantage of these awesome FREE art classes by Vision Kidz located in Chandler. The offer 12 different classes either at 10 am or 1pm for children ages 6 to 12. You can choose any three classes for FREE! There are also 2 extra classes that you do not have to enroll in both in November. Registration begins tomorrow, Wednesday, at 9am. Visit their website for more information!
My boys have LOVED this!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Study Time!

During the summertime we have done pretty well at sticking to a schedule of study and reading time. My goal was 3 times a week and sometimes we do 3 and other times we surprisingly do 4 or 5 a week. One of our neighbors who home schools her children were moving and they gave me a bunch of awesome supplies. Sometimes we're working on animals, math, telling time and counting money... Even Gavin chimes in and works with us.

The boys have also been doing 2 different summer reading programs. One through the library and other other through Barnes and Noble. After they read, the mark it in their little booklets and we turn the information into each location. From the library they received a FREE book of their choice and a few extra little toys. We're still working on the other but it's the same concept, they'll be able to choose a FREE book and there are also lots of coupons for places around town.

We've also been really good at reading scriptures as a family. Every verse or tow I'll ask a question about it to keep the boys focused but also help them to understand some of the gospel's basic concepts. When I forget, or am too busy with other things, one of the boys will remind her. That just melts my heart.

I am excited though for school to start and the house to be a little quieter and cleaner!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top Ramen

Pronounced Ray-men! At least in our family!

We love this soup. Beef or oriental flavored. Chicken tastes a little funk. Sometimes I'll hard boil a couple of eggs and cut them up and put them in the soup. Sometimes I'll add a pinch of crushed red pepper. We always eat the with saltine crackers. The boys will crush them up and put them right into the soup. I love to get a big spoonful of the noodles and juice and place it on top of the cracker and eat it that way. It's really messy, but yummy.

Do you like Top Ramen? How do you cook it?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yummy Snack

My new favorite yummy snack is Seneca Dried Apples. Cinnamon flavored! So good. The only thing is, you can't eat too many of these at a time. You need to pace yourself. I just finished the last bag yesterday. I am needing to head to the store again soon!

Have you heard of these? Have you tried them?


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach Day!

We went to the beach a bunch of times while visiting in Cali. It's always so much fun. The kids run around and play, dig in the sand, jump over waves, boogie board....We could stay there for hours. As I'm looking at some of the pictures I added to the blog post, I am wishing I was there sitting in my swimming suit feeling the cool breeze, the warmth of the sun on my skin, hearing the waves crash and watching my boys have a fun time....

Will always digs for sand crabs. He loves catching the biggest one and showing me. YUCK!

After the big boys were done boogy boarding, Gavin gave it a try. It was real cute to watch him.

Jackson caught the most waves, and was the most daring at boogy boarding, surprisingly!

Gavin takin' a time out in the shallow water watching his brothers play...

What fun! We sure do LOVE the beach!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Funny quotes..

At church a few Sunday's ago as we're taking the sacrament I remind the boys to think about Jesus. Gavin asks, "Where is Jesus?" Tyring to stay quiet I just point upward. His eyes get all big and he says loudly, "On the roof?!" Now, I'm laughing. Then I explained to him that He lives in heaven!

The other day Tyler comes up to Scott and I and says, "Mom you know the boss of dad is?" (I knew the correct answer in my head, but I wondered where Tyler was going with this.) "You!" he said with confidence. Good answer I thought and flashed a smile at Scott. "You know who the boss of you is? Jesus. You know who the boss of Jesus is? Heavenly Father. You know who the boss of Heavenly Father is? Heavenly Mother!" I have no idea where he came up with that, but it's so true!

This next one is an old one that Will said when he was 5 or so. Scott and I remembered it the other day and laughed about it. Scott asks Will to get his laptop and bring it to him. "Please get my computer, you know the one small computer I put on my lap?" Wills says without skipping a beat, "the one you use when you're going pooh?" HA! So true!


Here are some extra pictures from playing in the backyard at Nana's house. What a cool house she has! How lucky are we!

The Boys would play in the creek in my mom's back yard everyday. They would explore and use their imaginations to the fullest. It was fun to see them hiking down there with a mission. One afternoon Will made this sign right before you enter the creek. Thank goodness for the sign!

On the 4th we bought poppers, sparklers, and other fun little fire works for the brothers to do.

Even Brig's got in on the fun and held his first sparkler. At first he was a little worried, then he got the hang of it!

Nana and Tyler love.

And don't forget Gavin love.
The boys found an old ax in the garage and thought it would be a good idea to take turns chopping a large fallen tree in the side yard. Yeah, I guess it's pretty cool for a little boy to do this, but it sure made mom a little nervous! Here is Gavin trying to explain to me and Nana that he should have the next turn with the ax.

After a few swings at it the ax broke off and stayed in the log. :)


More cute pic's of Brig's playing in Nana's backyard. I was laying out reading my book while everyone else was at the movies. It was a very peaceful and relaxing day...

I turned the hose on a little later and he helped Papa water the lawn. He was so cute playing in the water. Sometimes he'd take a sip of the hose water and other times he would accidentally spray himself in the face with the water. Then, he would give this look like, who just did that to me?!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie night

The other night we rented Pink Panther 2 for the family to all watch together. We made pizza for dinner than turned out really yummy. I threw a large blanket on the living room floor and we ate our dinner there. ( A great treat at my house. I never allow food in the living room!) While we all watched the cute, funny movie we then ate our dessert.
It was a fun evening! I have a cool family!

A day at the lake

On Saturday we went to the lake with some of our friends form Santa Barbara. We had so much fun! All the boys rode in the floaty and had a great time. Once Jackson got thrown off, but he was alright. It was pretty cool to watch the kids beome more daring at the lake.

We went cliff jumping too. Well, the boys went while I stayed on the boat with Brigham taking pictures. Scott, Will and Tyler tried wakeboarding. Tyler was the only one who got himself up. Again, I am so impressed on how well they're all doing. Even cute Brig's would sit at the back of the boat on that bumper thing that's almost in the water and he would slowly scoot his toosh to the edge and jump in. Even Gavin jumped on the cliffs. It was about 113 degrees out there, but it felt wonderful!

THANKS Jarom for including us! It was great to have Taylor Mann, Jackson Mann, and Jordan Mann there too!
After the boys did their cliff diving, Jarom, Jordan and Jackson Mann jumped off a 40+ foot cliff above. Jarom had to show us how it is done by doing a gainer (a running back flip) off of it. VERY AWESOME!!!
When the day was done, this next picture pretty much sums up how we all felt. Totally tired, but we sure had a lot of fun!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rock Pool

The doctor invited us again to his awesome pool. The boys had so much fun going down the slide and jumping off the different platforms. It was a perfect day to swim too. 113 was the high while we were lounging around.