Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goodbye Belly!!



Born on September 29, 2009 at 2:27am. Weighed 9lb 10oz and was 21 1/2 inches long.


Monday, September 28, 2009


Brigham is so dang cute, and such a wonderful little baby! (Huge baby really! He weighs a ton!) These were taken last week in the doctor's office while we were waiting. He is so cute, I just had to take a few shots of him.

Tyler's Tooth

Well, Tyler lost his other front tooth on Tuesday. He was so excited and his smile is just darling! He placed his tiny little tooth in a tissue and folded it up to fit it into the baby blue tooth pillow. For THREE nights that dumb tooth fairy kept forgetting! (Yeah, she has been a little preoccupied with other baby stuff...but still!!!)

Tyler woke up on Saturday morning to find a $2.00 bill under his pillow! (He loves $2.00 bills! And has a few of them!) He was beyond thrilled! The Tooth Fairy has redeemed herself again!

Now that's just sad!

Nice floating baby with a big fat ZERO next to it! 0 days to go until my baby comes....hmm. If the baby-o-meter says the baby boy Thompson is suppose to be here, he should be here! I wish it was that easy!
I have mixed emotions about this whole thing. I am very excited to meet the little guy and kiss those chubby checks, but I really believe he'll come when he's ready to come. Bu, all my babies have been early. All of them have been 9-10lb-ers! I kinda thought maybe something was wrong with this little guy, but yesterday at church I was comforted and realized that I was wrong and that everything is fine. I've tried everything, and stopped doing all that stuff a couple days ago. He'll come when he comes. But then I have contraction, strong ones, every 5 minutes. Every 2 minutes for an hour plus....Then NOTHING. Nothing? I feel fantastic too! I have energy, I'm not that sore, and I keeping going! I am now wishing, hoping and praying to have strong contractions, to be in pain, enough pain so I can go to the hospital! Please pray for me that I will my contractions will increase and become too strong to bare so I can go to the hospital! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jackson turns 8

This is an extra special birthday for our little Jackson, 8 years old! He's been talking about being baptised and attending Scouts for several months now. I am thrilled that he is excited to do these things. He, like Will, wanted to go to Peter Piper Pizza. And Papa was in town so it made the day even more special for the little guy. Earlier at school everyone wished his happy birthday and I brought in special cookies for him to pass out. He loved the gifts everyone picked out for him and all of us had a great time eating pizza that night. His official birthday was September 17, and his party wont be until October. It will be combined with Tyler's on Jackson's baptism weekend.

Friday, September 18, 2009

School Elections

This year at Liberty Arts Academy they had student elections for many of the grades to participate in. They had to make posters and prepare a speech. It was fun to see Will and Jackson both step up and want to join the student council. Will originally wanted to be treasurer because "I love money". But that position was offered to only 6th graders. So, he ran for Student Body Secretary. For the 3rd graders they could run for Flag Bearer, photographer or Historian. Jackson wanted to be the flag bearer because "I love the American flag!" I think I may have influenced him, in a good way, about the American flag and what it means to me. Regardless, I was still impressed with both my boys.

On the day of elections both were a little nervous to stand up in front of everyone and recite their speech. Will spoke in front of the entire school and did a real nice job. Jackson had to give his speech just to the 3rd graders in their classroom. He also did real well.
Here is a portion of Will's Speech:

"I am a very organized individual and would make a great secretary for the student council of liberty Arts Academy. I keep a journal at home, and love writing in it daily about the various activities I participate in. I enjoy keeping track of things and keeping a meeting running on a schedule."
Here is a snip it of Jackson's:
"I would love to be in the student council because I think it would be fun and I would learn a lot of new things. I love the American flag and have been taught to have a deep respect for our country's flag. In our home, everything is decorated in Americana; red, white and blue. My parents have taught me that it is important to take pride in our country and especially our flag."

I am pleased to report that both my boys won!!

Will's Birthday!

My sweet baby Will turned 10 yrs. old on the 8th of September. I know, I am a little behind posting about this extra special day.
In the morning we ate a yummy breakfast all together and sang him HAPPY BIRTHDAY about 10 times. At school I brought in snacks and the class sang to him a few more times.
He chose to go to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner. It was my first time there, and it was a lot of fun. The pizza was actually good. (Up chuck a cheese's pizza is not only disgusting, it makes you feel like crap for about 3 days after!)

The boys enjoyed playing in the different games and collecting tickets. I got him a book he's been asking about and the boys got him a Wii Nurf game. It was a very fun day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vegetarian For a Week

I was watching this special on Fox news about obesity in America. It was pretty sad to watch. There was a debate with one side Vegan and the other side a very large woman. I am sad to report I don't remember the group she belonged to. I have friends that are vegan, and to me it's a little extreme. The other side was saying you can be any size you want as long as you're healthy. Well, I don't agree with that either. This lady was huge. There is no way she works out as much as she said she does. The mediator was telling how she's a vegetarian and how that's helped increase the healthy lifestyle into her life and her family. So, I thought I'd try it. I don't consider myself to be a carnivore, but I do enjoy meat. I also eat many meals without any meat in it. But, like I said I wanted to see if I could do it and how it made me feel afterwards.
It was totally easy to go veggie for a week. I saved a ton of $ when I went grocery shopping and didn't buy any meat products. I am surprised how much all that costs. I think I did eat too much carbs though. Lots of pasta. Yeah, there were also a ton of veggies and stuff. But, I ate a lot of carbs. I didn't feel different one way or the other, but I did realize (for myself) there is nothing wrong by adding a piece of grilled chicken or a fillet of fish to my plate every once in a while. On my last day, I totally forgot. I was at a restaurant in the evening with some friends and I ordered shredded beef tacos. After the first bite, I realized what I had done and said, "oh crap!" It was my last day! Oh well.
The boys ate mostly veggie for the week. There were a few meat items served with the school lunch and I told the boys it was okay to eat them. I wanted to test myself. I wanted to see if I had self control enough not to eat meat. Also I wanted to test myself on making new or different meals with my food limitations.
Are you a vegetarian? Do you eat meat with ever evening meal? Could you stop cold turkey and go vegetarian?

They keep me laughing!

Oh man! My kids are so dang funny, especially Gavin these days. He makes me laugh, sometimes too much. He is turning out to be such a character, just like his older brother Jackson. I have two Jim Carey's living in my house. Just think, soon, they'll make me millions! :)

This morning were getting ready for church and Gavin had to wear Tyler's blazer jacket. As were heading out he asks me for an envelope. I'm in a hurry, so I don't question him why I just point over to my desk where they belong. He grabs one, turns to me and says, as he's folding it in half pushing it in the side pocket of his jacket, "Mom, look. I'm just like Dad!" HA! That's so funny because Scott always wears suits and people are always hading him their tithing slips. And where does Scott stash them? In his suit coat!

The other morning Gavin wanted breakfast, and Scott asked if he wanted cereal. "No, I want eggs. Like at Nana's house!" That means he wants eggs with cheese on it. Scott had no idea what that meant, but after asking me I explained it to him. How cute of him to remember that. He sure does love his Nana!

I have been a little scattered brained lately, which I am totally blaming on being pregnant. We all got in the car the other day and as we are about to move forward, I remind the kids to put their seat belts on. What I said was, "Gavin, we're about to go so hurry and put your pull-up on!" I didn't even realize I said it until after the boys were laughing and they had to tell me what I just said.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cub Scouts!

Tyler had his first "Official" day of Cub Scouts on Wednesday night! He goes to a different Pack, because he's so young. But one of his good friends goes and I thought it would be a good idea. All the boys freak out every Wednesday when just Will gets to go. They all think it's so unfair! Jackson's first "official" time will be next week, but he tagged along with Tyler to test everything out. They both had a fun time and it was cute to see the big boys all dressed up. Gavin kept asking me where his outfit was...."A few years" I kept replying to him. He doesn't get it yet!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 weeks to go!

YEAH! I am almost able to see my sweet little baby boy #6! (Still don't have a name...) I enjoy being pregnant, but every time he squirms around in my belly I envision holding him and kissing those chubby little cheeks!

At my doctor's appointment last week he said I was still measuring small and it looked like the baby had dropped already. I was measuring 32 weeks for the 2nd week in a row. I was a little worried at first, but thought he is always moving, and I felt everything would be alright. So, a couple days ago was my appointment and I had another ultrasound. Poor guy is so crammed in there I could hardly see his face. His arms and hands were covering his face most of the time. He is weighing, approximately, almost 7lbs. I measured at 34 weeks, and I am finally at a weight gain of 24lbs. Everything is great! So, if he has another few weeks, he'll be 9+lbs. Just like all my other babies!

I was just telling Scott today we need to take out his bassinet, get the car seat ready and bring in all the infant clothes for me to go through.

YEAH!! I am so excited to hold this little hunk of heaven.

Pictures of our last Vaca!

I totally forgot to include some cute pictures of our last vaca! Yeah, you remember, San Diego, that super HOT place, then Vegas...