Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh, Santa Barbara, how I love thee!!

There is so much beauty in Santa Barbara. So many wonderful places to visit. So many fun parks. So many gorgeous beaches. So much fun.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ty Warner Sea Center

While in Santa Barbara Tyler attended camp at the Ty Warner Sea Center on the Santa Barbara pier. The older boys have all attended this camp, and have loved it!  The camp is located in the most beautiful place. Tyler had fun learning about different sea life, how to take care of the ocean and our environment, dissected a squid, learned more about sharks and made lots of friends. There is a touch zone located in the building and they get to handle star fish, squid, sea hair, sea cucumber, crabs, sea urchins, small sharks and several other sea animals.


Friday, August 23, 2013


A year ago I went (8 months pregnant) to New York City with my Cousins, Angie and Aleigh. We had a blast! There were so many fun things to do and yummy places to eat there! Our absolute favorite was Max Brenner's restaurant. A couple weeks ago, we found out there is a new Max Brenner's restaurant in Las Vegas! Aleigh is about to leave on her mission (to Argentina on Sept. 11th !! YEAH!!) so we needed to plan a quick trip for a couple days before she leaves. This time Brynnlee joined us. It was a fast planned trip but totally worth it!!

First stop, the St. George temple!! After a few photos outside, we went through the Visitor's Center and talked with several Sister missionaries. It was a fun, uplifting break from driving in the car. 

As soon as we arrived in Vegas, we unloaded the car and headed on the shuttle to the Bellagio. It's always a favorite stop of mine. So beautiful inside and out. We walked around the Bellagio conservatory and Botanical bombing people, laughing, and enjoying our surroundings. Actually we photo bombed our entire trip. We were hilarious!!

Next stop, Max Brenner's for dinner and dessert!! Super good!!! This was Brynn's first time and she enjoyed it as much as we did!! YUMMY!

I made breakfast for the girls every morning, which was fun and delicious! I always love drinking OJ (or whatever) out of wine glasses and feeling so elegant and rich.

Next day we swam and laid out, went shopping, Max Brenner's for lunch, more shopping...We had a blast. The best photo bomb of the trip was at Max's. The table next to us sat 8 or so girls that all gathered together for a photo opt. Without even saying anything, all of us sat up real tall in our chairs and smiled for the camera. After, we started crying because we were laughing so hard. We kept saying as soon as those girls post their Vegas trip pic's they will notice all of us in their shot! So funny!!

Later that night we all rode on the New York, New York roller coaster. What a blast that was!!

On our last day we went shopping, stopped by Max's for a chocolate shake to go and headed home. We stopped off again in St. George for gas and a drink at Swig. Such a fun little drink shop.

I am glad we were able to make this quick Vegas trip happen. It was a blast spending time with these beautiful, inspiring, wonderful ladies!! I love them all like my own sisters!!

School's In!!!

That sure went fast... TOO fast if you ask me. I still can't believe school has started! I am excited for the boys to start their new adventures and make memories. I loved Jr. High.

Will is 13 and in the 9th grade. (In Utah the Jr. High's are 7th, 8th and 9th grades.) Jackson is 11 and in the 7th grade. Both attend Evergreen Jr. High and so far, they are loving it. Will just told me yesterday that his absolute favorite class is Seminary!! He rattled off several reasons why and the entire time I'm listening to him, I'm thinking how lucky I am that he's in our family. I sure love that kid!!

Nice photo bomb kid!! Will was walking Jackson to his locker. Jackson was a little nervous about the locker code, so many teachers and different class rooms. But after a couple of days, he's fine and is really enjoying it all.

45 minutes later, Tyler and Gavin were ready to head out the door for their "first day of school" ritual.

Tyler is 9 and in the 5th grade. He has Mrs. Santos and Mrs. Sharp. Jackson had that same fun combo last year and really enjoyed them both. Gavin is 7 and in the 2nd grade with Mrs. Miller, who was Tyler's teacher two years ago.  Both have several friends in their class and have already said how fun it's been being back at school.

The principal at Rosecrest Elementary is truly one of a kind! Mrs. West is not only kind, hard-working and friendly, but she has also become one of my friends as well. She is such a great asset here in our school and in our community. My boys and I are lucky to work so closely with her.

Tyler standing with Mrs. Sharp, one of his teachers. Liz has also become one of my friends. She is outstanding with the kids and makes learning fun. I am thrilled Tyler's in her care!!

Before school in the early AM we all woke up for breakfast and Father's Blessings. What a wonderful way to not only to start off the school year, but also to start off the day. Everyone was in a good, happy mood and ready for a new start.
I am beyond blessed with a worthy priesthood holder in my home and such fantastic, fun, hard-working boys. I know they will all have another great school year!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Donuts, birds and Geocaching

THREE items crossed off our list in one day!! First we stopped off at the best donut shop, ever. Banbury Cross Donuts. I am not a donut fan at all. But, I will one or two from there anyway of the week!

With our passes of all passes we can get into the Tracy Aviary for a buck each. A couple of the boys have been there before on school field trips, but it was most of our first time there.

Eagles are the most beautiful, exquisite bird. I love just watching them. So majestic and powerful.

And what about these beautiful flamingos? Why in the world are they so dang stinky? Beautiful with a stench! This was the first time I noticed how they build their nests. The make a huge mud mound for their egg to cradle in. Very interesting.

There is ONE hidden geocache located inside the aviary, and the boys found it!!  Way to go Thompson's!!!