Saturday, December 31, 2011

7 Stitches

 While playing outside Brigham jumped off a small dirt mound and landed on his face, on a sharp rock and sliced his cute little nose open. Scott applied pressure as we drove straight to Primary Children's Hospital ER.
 They gave him a IV in his hand so he could receive some sleepy medicine. After a few minutes he started giggling and calling for me, "Lori, Lori..." So funny!

They had to flush out the jagged wound before stitches. Cute Scott helped the MD with a new trick to sucher up stitches. (And BTW, the only reason Scott didn't do it himself was because it was so jagged Brigham needed to be seen by the Plastic's department!)
7 stitches later...He was a little groggy last night but slept great. Today, he has been acting like nothing ever happened to him. Such a strong kid. He has enjoyed showing people his stitches, and loves the attention!
Thanks Bubbles for the Popsicles! He's already eaten half of them!

The Canyons

 We went skiing again on Wednesday, and it was fantastic! It was 50 degrees and so beautiful at the Canyons resort! Unfortunately there isn't much snow, half the runs are closed due to so little snowfall. But that ok for me because I only ski on greens and a selected few blues!

We were there all day and had a blast together! Will and Jackson have both been there before and they showed me around. Our last run run Will and I went down a blue hill and it was a little scary at first, but then it became my favorite hill! It was a blast! Will kept yelling to me "Pizza mom, pizza!!" So cute!!
I am really surprised how much I am enjoying skiing. It is so much FUN! I can't wait for the boys to get a little older and we can all go skiing together. It's an expensive activity, but worth it!

Christmas Morning!!

 What a wonderful Christmas it was this year! We are so blessed with wonderful family that lives so close and comes to visit often, good health and lots of great presents!!
 Cute Nathan received lots and lots of Mickey mouse stuff. Plush, games, books, a blanket...He was in heaven. His favorite gift was a huge box of large Lego's! Thanks Nana!!
 I gave my mom several pieces of jewelry this year. I made her some earrings, and I had a friend of mine make her a necklace and also a bracelet. The bracelet was made out of sea glass we collected last summer in Santa Barbara!
 Will mad out like a fat rat this year...what's new! He got a phone, an X-Box, a kindle and tickets to see Myth Busters later in January.
 I found this HUGE Reese's and knew I had to get it for Scott. He loved it!
 An amazing art set from Nana!
 Yes, Will is crying that he got the X-Box from Nana. I told him earlier i would NOT buy him that game. :) Worked like a charm! He was so surprised!
 My Utes and Jets fans!! Tyler also received a U of U fleece blanket.
 The three big boys all received Kindles! I am thrilled about that because every night they're using MINE and now I'm behind on my reading goal!
 THOR hammers!!

 Tons and tons of movies...Thanks Mom!!
AND the little ones received that flying shark thing. They were over the moon excited about it! Those two have been talking about this toy for months!
I also had a great Christmas!! I received new pots and pans, other fun kitchen tools, bubbles baths and lotions, some jewelry, an I-Pad ( I took that back and bought myself  a camera!! A Canon T2i with an extra wide lens  18-135mm!!!) SCORE!!
As tradition, we made a prime rib roast for dinner with garlic Parmesan smashed potatoes, brown sugar buttered carrots, Martinelli's and a homemade Red Velvet cake! YUM!!


Violin Performance

Gavin had a special opportunity to play with several other children in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building a couple days before Christmas. They played 8 songs total, but Gavin only participated in two songs, Jingle Bells and The Carol of the Bells. He did great!

It sounded great in the JSMB, the music echoed beautifully throughout the room! Nana and Papa flew in a little early so they could attend the performance, which also made it extra special!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


 We headed to the JSMB (Joseph Smith Memorial Building) downtown yesterday for a violin performance for Gavin. The building is so beautiful. The tree was breath taking and everything was decorated so nicely. We were there a little early so we walked around and took it all in. As we were walking around I saw one of President Hinckley's sons. I asked if he was Kathy's brother and he quickly said yes! I introduced myself "My name is Lori Thompson and Richard Walker is my uncle. Richard's first wife, Margene is my mom's sister." (My uncle married Kathy Hinckley). He said he had just spoken to them both this morning. (Richard and Kathy are living in England serving a mission for the church as the MTC President!) I am sorry to say i can't remember his name, but he looks just like the prophet and was incredibly nice to us.
 Even the ceilings are gorgeous!

What a FUN morning we had together!

Santa in the Parking Lot

 We headed downtown yesterday and were able to park under the KSL/LDS Business building (because Scott works there) and as we were walking out there was Santa getting into his car! (He was just interviewed on KSL) He was so nice and came right over to the boys and was cheery and nice. He talked to each of them and called them "My boys". What a nice Santa!!


Neighbor Gifts

 Another great idea from Pinterest!! We made Chocolate covered spoon for hot chocolate. We hand dipped 80 spoons in chocolate or white chocolate and then they boys helped to add on crushed candy cane, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and red and green sprinkles. After they all dried we put them in small baggies and tied with curling ribbon. We walked around the neighborhood and handed them out as the boys sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".  We also drove to other friends and family homes to hand theirs out.

We also made carmel and chocolate dipped pretzels. But, we never handed these out. We ate them all instead! They were SUPER good!!

Preschool Party With Santa

 Looks like someone is super excited to see Santa!!
 All the children were called up one at a time to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Brigham asked for a bike (check!) and the remote control shark (check!).
 Santa gave the kids a coloring book and a candy cane. Brigham was thrilled!
 Nathan was fine walking up to Santa, but then the teacher picked him up and placed Nathan on Santa's lap. AWW! He freaked out! BUT...Let's see if he warmed up to him...
...nope! Later Nathan did walked up to him and give him a high five, that was pretty good!

Christmas Program

 On Tuesday was the Christmas singing program at Rosecrest Elementary school. After, was all the class parties. It was a fun busy day for the boys. The program started at 10 am with the Kindergarten class kicking things off. They sang a couple songs and were adorable!
 Up next was Tyler's class and the other 3rd grade class singing "Santa's too Fat for the Chimney" and "I love Mrs. Santa Clause" So funny and cute!
The 5th graders sang "Nuttin' For Christmas" and "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". They all sang beautifully.
There were so many songs I had never heard of I was surprised! All the kids were adorable!

Church Puzzles

 Another great find on Pinterest!! I found some church pictures and already had a ton on tongue dispensers and came up with this cute craft for the kids to assemble on Sunday's during church. I Mod Podged the paper and sticks together, then modged the other side as well.
 After it had dried I took an exacto knife and cut along the side of the sticks to make up puzzle pieces. I only made two (so far) and the kids loved them. They kept putting them together over and over so many times. Gavin and Brigham were even able to piece them together correctly!
I will admit it was a little strange cutting up pictures of Jesus, I just kept in mind what the main purpose was!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Skiing with Tyler

 A couple weekends ago I took Tyler skiing for the FIRST TIME!! He struggled a ton going down the the bunny run. It took him about 35 minutes to go down the first time. But the next time it only took him about 10 minutes. Tyler got better and better each time!
 Will came with us and snow boarder, he's getting pretty good!
 The brothers taking the lift up together!

It was a lot of fun, but it was about 20 degrees...very cold. We didn't bring anything to protect our faces! Man were we getting cold! We stayed for about 4 hours and then stopped off at 7-11 for some hot chocolate!