Thursday, May 31, 2012

Filming an episode of Hoarders at my house

Well, not really. I've been collecting other peoples junk for over a month now. Scott had to move his car out of his garage because my obsession has overtaken me.  Even my side of the gargar (not shown) is getting a little tight with boxes and bags.

We have a 5 car garage at our house and I'm slowly piling in junk everywhere I can put it.There are no more walkways or isles in Papa's garage anymore!

Hopefully you know that this isn't really stuff I've collected for the heck of it. The Scouts are having a HUGE garage sale to raise $$ for the Scout Jamboree in 2013. I am in charge of fundraising and thought it would be a great idea to hold a garage sale. We started collecting 4 weeks ago and filled a storage container at a leader's work. Then we started at my house. I can't tell you how SICK AND TIRED I AM OF ALL THIS CRAP in my life. I don't like clutter or junk of my own, let alone other people's! Yuck! And just think, some people's garages look worse than this and they're okay with that! Not me! Tomorrow, Friday, we're clearing it all out! YEAH!! There has been a dozen or more people that have told me they'll bring stuff over Friday night during out set-up time. Thank you! And just think, I've been selling stuff on KSL (which is like craigslist or ebay) for 4 weeks. We've already made $200.00!!
Wish us luck and stop by if you can on Saturday June 1st to support our Scouts! (We'll also be selling Krispy Kreme donuts, soda's, water bottles and chicken eggs!!)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maxi Skirt

I sewed my first Maxi Skirt, and it came out pretty darn well if I say so myself! I have a ton of material I bought at the 99 cent fabric store in Santa Barbara and have been saving several shades of jersey for sometime. I finally found an easy and beginner tutorial here. I am not a sewer or have any real sewing skills but figured this out (I did make a few altercations) and it took me 45 minutes!
If I can do it YOU can do it! (And probably better!)
The top was a separate piece (then sew on) that you flip over like those cute yoga pants. It's snug on the top like those belly bands. It fits me like a glove and it's long! I chose not to finished the ends, I like this look but will do it differently on the next one. I love it! You can totally make this a non maternity maxi skirt too!
Less than 5 weeks to go and looking fierce in my new maxi skirt! (I just watched America's Next Top Model and Tyra Banks always says FIERCE! So, it was on my mind!)
I had extra material so I made a headband. I don't normally wear headbands, but just in case! The tutorial for the cute jersey headband found here. Thanks Pinterest for helping me find these awesome creative blogs!!

Little Trees

I hate little trees. You know those 4, 5, 6 foot trees with an 2" or 3" diameter thick around the base. I know this is a little bazaar to write a post about, but it's true. I hate, hate, hate little baby trees. I'm totally prejudiced! Sorry if I have already offended you.

While cross guarding this morning I was looking around and it's so beautiful here in Utah and especially the Holladay area. There are huge trees full of leaves, color, shade, fruit...I love it. I especially love Aspen trees and the sounds they make as the wind in blowing. I love watching kids climb trees and build forts in them. I love seeing a swing attached to a huge branch of a tree.

I have 12 little trees in my yard and I hate them all! Let me explain. They are growing too slowly! I want them to be big trees to provide me with shade or color or fruit or whatever their purpose is. Why are my trees taking so long to grow?

I love trees, just not small ones! I can't wait for all my trees to become big, full, beautiful ones, in about 5-10 years! :)

Trafalga Fun!

 Over the long 4-day weekend we went to Trafalga...twice! It was awesome! There is a ton of fun activities inside like miniature golf, laser tag, video games, rock wall and the froggy ride. Outside there is a roller coaster, airplane ride, race cares. bumper boats, miniature golf, a ship ride a couple other attractions that are not yet open. The first day we went there was hardly anyone there and we walked onto every ride. The second time we went it was crowded, but we still had a blast!

So much fun! And it was all free! Thanks Passes of All Passes!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Arrow of Light

 My cute 10 year old, Jackson, received his Arrow of Light last Thursday evening at pack meeting. Great work Jackson!
 As he was receiving his award the chief renamed him Skipping Rock, he thought it was hilarious!
 Before the Arrow of Light was awarded to him he also received several other patches, belt loops and pins. He, like his other brothers, is loving Scouts.
 Jackson's group was in charge of bringing in the flag and leading the meeting.
Tyler's group did a cute little skit on stage for all of us.
The Scouting program is wonderful and I am very thankful for all that it offers my boys!

Rosecrest Preschool Program

 Brigham attended two different preschools this past year. Because he's only 3 the schools only take him for 2 days. We are lucky enough to have Miss Dana's right next door and then Brig's also attends Rosecrest Preschool at Rosecrest Elementary school with his big brothers. Even though he's only 3 look at him standing next to all the 4-5 year olds...He is one huge kid! Here is Brigham's preschool graduation program from Rosecrest.
They sang several songs and acted out a cute Hungry Caterpillar play.

Here he is after he received his certificate and folder of cute crafts he's completed all year long.
Way to go Brigham!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The word of last week was BLISS...


Here is our interpretation of REFLECTION...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Preschool Graduation

 Brigham had one of his preschool graduation's yesterday from Miss Dana's Preschool. They sang a dozen songs and performed different things they had memorized throughout the year. Adorable!

Great job Brig's! We love you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Seminary Graduation

My adorable cousin Aleigh graduated from seminary over he weekend! Way to go!! She's the cute cousin I did Senior pictures for here! She received a full ride scholarship to BYU!
We LOVE you Aleigh!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Violin Cake...Yes Please!!

 On Sunday evening was Katie's violin recital and her mom, Meredith, had this cake made special! WOWZA!! When Gavin has book one completed and has his recital, I'm ordering this cake too! Look how thick it is!
 Cute Katie finished book 2 and played 12 songs perfectly. Gavin was mesmerized watching Katie play. I kept reminding Gavin to watch her slippery slope, her hold and how she played on the Chrysler Highway.
At the end Meredith and Katie played a song together, it was so sweet. Meredith is an all-star mom and just started 9 months ago to learn the violin and is playing like a CHAMP!!
Great evening ladies!!

Learned all by himslef!

 Cute Brigs and Gavin decided that it was time to take off Brig's training wheels. Gavin managed to unscrew one of them and then Dad came to help with the rest.
 Scott was putting tools away when Brigham hopped onto his bike and took off on his own! He took off, never fell and has spent every moment he can on his bike since then. Wow, that was easy! Usually Scott or I are running after our boys for up to an hour until they get it!

 Cute Nathan talking to the chickens while the big boys were out riding in the church parking lot.
Race time!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wedding Bliss

 My adorable cousin, Princess Ariel aka Felicia, was sealed this morning for time and all eternity in the Mt. Timpanogas temple to cutie pie Tyler.
The ceremony was beautiful. It was a lot of fun being with so many cousins from Utah as well as California. I loved every minute with them all! Lawrence, Glen and Scott had me laughing so hard I had a couple contractions!

 Here are a bunch of the younger cousins who are all expecting! Well, Karina just had her little man Lincoln just 3 weeks ago! Next is Jessica who is due any day...any moment. Me in July, Kyrra August, and Nadia in November.
 The reception was awesome! Like no other I've ever been to before! They had Cotton candy, Jamba Juice, a Rice Krispy's cake, french toast...Delicious!
 Here are all the cousins showing a little leg! Again, it was so great to be with everyone! (**We miss you Jeana!!)
 My cutie 3 week old cousin Lincoln being held by Jackson.
Yummy! And so fun! THANKS Felicia for throwing an awesome reception!