Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BBQ Fun!!

 We had a BBQ at our house for Memorial Day...It was a blast! We had homemade hamburgers, homemade French fries, fruit, chips drinks...YUM!!

I also made these cute Red, White and Blue cupcakes!!

 The day ended up being warm and beautiful. We laughed and laughed and had a great time with everyone. Have I said lately how lucky I am? I really do have a great family!
I was showing Ang a funny part in this book about a lizard...the animal kingdom....Greg wanted to read it himself. He thought it was funny too!

Memorial Day at the cemetery

Wasatch Lawns is right down the street from my house. My grandma, grandpa, great grandma, great grandpa, great uncles, an aunt and other relatives are laid to rest there. I took my boys and we met some cousins there to show some respect. The cemetery was beautiful. There were flowers on EVERY grave stone. There were flags next to every veteran. There were a ton of people there. it was beautiful!

What beautiful cousins I have!
What wonderful family members I have!
Happy Memorial day!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Date Night

Not sure this photo won't turn for me...Oh well. One of my Christmas gifts was season tickets to the musicals at the Capitol Theater downtown. On Friday night we went out to dinner and then to see Les Miserables. It was incredible! I've seen it in LA when I was in high school, but Scott has never seen it. It was such a beautiful production. This is what we found when we arrived home...
These two little munchkins were spread out in our bed. Notice Brig's has on a swim diaper. Lovely!
Then, in our walk in closet Will, Jackson and Tyler slept. How funny is that! There are two bunk beds, in other rooms with perfectly fine mattresses. They'd rather sleep on the floor? Kids. Boys.

Field Day

 Rosecrest Elementary school host a yearly field day at the end of the school year. There are several different stations the classes go to and play lots of fun relay games. Scott and I were able to volunteer for a few hours before Gain's preschool graduation. It was well organized and a lot of fun!

Friday, May 27, 2011


 I (finally) download pictures from my phone...that's why the quality isn't great. I didn't want to make each of these their own post so here is a compilation of a bunch of randomness.
Brig's and Gavin got cool new shades (from the dollar department from Target!!) They are looking so cool, dude!
 Our cousin, Michael, from California is staying with us for a few weeks. He just got off his mission and is attending the University of Utah. Here he is with his brand new girlfriend, Kiara! She is darling!
 Jackson had a Rendezvous that included all the 4th graders. They had to dress up and there were a ton of fun western activities for them to do.
 Brigham, finally, got a new bike. But, as you can tell it's too small for him! BUMMER! HE has no clue and loves it. He rides around everywhere as proud as can be!
 We found a Geocache in the church parking lot right behind our house! It looks like a regular old bottle cap. But, when you pick it up there is a string attached with a little cylinder that holds the paper inside. Great hide! Great find!
Here I am with my new favorite toy! My sweet Kindle!!

School Carnival

 What a fun year this has been at a new school! And this school rocks! Academically, PTA and activities! It's been nice not to be in charge of everything and try to do it all. This carnival was a blast and we raised a tad over $10,000. Yes ten thousand dollars!! I was helping at the ticket booth and Scott was at work, so I wasn't able to get many shots of the activities and boys. Bummer!!

"A Tribute to Mother's"

 A couple weeks ago I was in charge of the mid-week activities and planned an extra special Mother's day one for May. I had different sisters decorate the centerpieces and bring soups. There were several speakers, a musical number, a funny poem and a slide show. It was fantastic. There were laughs. There were tears. There were a lot of compliments!

What a fun evening! Thank you to all the sister's that helped make this night extra special!

Gavin's Preschool program

 Congratulations to my big boy, Gavin! He finished another year of preschool with flying colors and he will miss it all during the summer! Here he is getting his certificate of completion from both his teachers! Thank you ladies for all your hard work and dedication!
 They sang a few songs about days of the week, months, colors, numbers and letter sounds. It was real cute!
 Getting some shots with some of his close buddies!
 Another one with his favorite teacher Miss Kiara!
 Gavin had a few different "girlfriends" during the school year, but Tilly is who he liked the most from day one. Isn't she darling?
Mom and dad are super proud of our boy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gifted and Talented Program

A few moths ago Will took some test to find out if he could participate in the Gifted and Talented Program at Evergreen Junior High. (In California we called these classes GATE) He took a math test and then another test which was broken up in three different sections; English, Science and Social Studies. We received word back that he passed a four and will be in the smarty-pants Gifted and Talented Program come fall when he enters the 7the grade!! What wonderful information this is! He is thrilled. We are thrilled.
Congratulations Will!


I have been reading every chance I get and honestly am surprised about how few books I've been getting through! I need more time in a day! Don't we all!!

I've been reading the Stephanie Plum series, which is a fun entertaining read. Two weeks ago I finished "Three to get Deadly". These books are combination of mystery, adventure and very witty. (There is a little bad language in them though!) **** 4 stars

After getting my Kindle as a gift for Mother's Day I haven't been able to put it down! I read a darling LDS novel, "The List" by Melanie Jacobson. I try to change up the books I read so I don't get board with a series or genera. Usually those LDS novels are the same story, but I was happily surprised with this one. I loved the characters Cute, cute, cute. and want to name my next son with the middle name, Ryder!!
**** Stars

A couple days ago I completed "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. This 500 plus page book was far different than those cute LDS novels. It was a heavy topic about living in Germany during the rein of Hitler. It was sad, with a deep message. It was also beautiful. There were many paragraphs that sounded like mini poems. The author is very detailed and descriptive. I did find it interesting that not all Germans were ok and followed Hitler. *** 3 stars

Before I get back to my Stephani Plum series I wanted to read another LDS book that my friend recommend. Lite and easy was what I had in mind. I am in the middle of "Borrowed Light" by Carla Kelly. So far, so good. I catch myself reading with a slight twang in my voice as I'm flipping through the pages. I like the story so far!

Other books on my list are:
Little Bee
The Help
Sarah's Keys
The Thirteenth Tale
The Big Stone Gap

What have YOU read that I should add to my list??

I am also on Good Reads! Are you? I love this site because it catalog's all the books I've read, are currently reading or want to read sometime in the near future. There have been so many times a friend tell me about a book I should read and I totally forget about it. Not anymore! I get right onto Good Reads and log it in. We started a (FREE) account for Will too. You can rate books and leave comments on what you thought. There are also reading goals you can make. Mine is to read 50 book in the year 2011. If you're already a member, add me as a friend! If you're not yet a member then get on there and do it now!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


 A couple weeks ago we headed downtown and rode the Trax for free. We started at Little America Hotel and went up to Temple Square. The boys LOVED it!

A fun, free event we all enjoyed!