Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Watching Cartoons...

Do ya have an itch?

Give a Day...Get a Day!

Our family participated in the Give a Day...Get a Day program through Disneyland. A couple months ago we helped in a service project that the entire family did together. It was a fun service project. We were very excited to use our FREE Disneyland passes, and as soon school was over we hopped in the car and took off to our favorite place on earth.
It was a very fun trip, they always are, but it was 2 day's of NEW stuff for us. We bought a book before hand that tel us where a ton of hidden Mickey's are located around the park. While we were waiting in line or walking over to anther ride, we'd also look in our book for clues. It was a lot of fun. We found over 50 new hidden Mickey's we'd never found before.
Other NEW stuff we did was rides for some of the boys. Gavin had a huge growth spurt and was able to go on several new rides this trip. Even Brig's went on a few newbies too. (The roller coaster in Toon Town...Picture above)

Scott and I took the younger kids to the Play House Disney Show. Brig's and Gavin were in heaven dancing and singing away...But Nathan was enthralled with everything too.

Brigham and I went on the rocket ride for the first time. Well, his first time. My 54th time. (or something like that!)

Gavin's first time on a family favorite ride, the trail ride. i totally forgot the name of it. Darn it! But anyhow, we had to go like 4 times in a row because Gavin loved it so much.

Scott took the 2 babies over to the kiddy rides in Bug's Life area. They had a fun time.

Gavin was also able to go on Soaring over California for the first time. It was fun to have him there. We also found several hidden Mickey's.
We spent a long time on day one over on Tom Sawyer's Island. It had been YEARS since we'd been over there. I think will was a toddler and I was preggers with Jackson. Too long, because we had a blast. So many things for us to do and my boys had a ball.

Yet another wonderful trip to D-land! We sure love that place. Thanks Mickey for the wonderful memories!!

Fun with Cousins!

Right before we left Arizona, we went and visited some of our favorite cousins. Patrick, Jen, Saige and Garrett moved from Yuma to Casa Grand a lot closer to us. Too bad we're moving to Utah! Bummer! Anyways, we had a fun time playing, chatting and eating with them. Grandma and Grandpa were there too. It was a fun afternoon!

THANK Patrick and Jen! You're new home is beautiful and can't wait to come back for another visit to see all the changes you guys will be making!

The Hill

At the Santa Barbara zoo there is the fun hill that has fake slippery grass on it. People bring card board boxes and slide down the hill. The boys all had zoo camp this week. After we'd pick them up we'd walk around the park after we played on the hill for a bit.

The boys got daring by the end of the week and started standing up. Like they were snow boarding. It was cute to watch.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flyin' high...literally!!

We had a wonderful time with family and friends at the beach on Father's day. We met in the early evening for a BBQ and games. It sure was fun. Nathan had watermelon for the first time, we laughed and jokes, chased birds, played on the playground, and I snuggled with my sweetness. I sure love that man!!
Brigham ran and ran almost the entire time we were at the beach. He loves birds and kept chasing them. Of source he never got near any of them, but he sure had fun trying. And we sure had fun watching him! After a while of chasing them he started yelling in real deep voice shouting, "HEY, BIRDEEEE!". Priceless!

Gavin is always climbing over, around up and through things. There was this huge tree on the lawn shading our group that he just had to climb. You can't tell but he's about 10 feet in the air.
We sure had a fun time. I love the beach. I really do.


I came across this video that one of my friends told me about last week. It is truly so amazing. So inspiring. So touching. It's a wonderful story that strengthens me in so many ways. Stephanie is such an example to me. Her beauty is bright and she is amazing. I am thankful for her and her message. She has a blog I follow that is pretty neat too. nieniedialogues.

Please watch it and tell me what you think!


Watermelon anyone??

We went to the beach for a fun Father's Day BBQ and Nathan had watermelon for the first time! How cute was that!!

Father's Day

What a wonderful Father's day we celebrated last Sunday. All the boys had wrapped gifts the night before for Scott, one from each boy. In the morning the boys grabbed their gifts and dog piled Scott. Each child took turns handing their gift over to Scott. It was like Christmas, everyone was so excited. Later at church the boys also made Scott gifts and drew him pictures. For dinner we went to the beach for a fun BBQ. It was a fun day.
Happy Father's Day Scott!!
You are an outstanding father. Thank you for all you do!
We LOVE you!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bubbles is visiting!!

My cousin Michele (who goes by her nick name Bubbles) flew into the Santa Barbara airport last week and stayed with us for 5 wonderful days!! My mom didn't know about it and we surprised her. I met my mom at Costco and we were walking around and Bubbles was hiding from her. Then, my mom kept walking right past her. I was laughing so hard! Bubbles grabbed a huge plant and walked right into my mom and then showed her face as she was apologizing. My mom screamed so dang loud everyone stopped and stared at us! It was a great surprise! We went to the farmer's market, the beach, out to dinner, played out in the back yard, stayed up way too late playing games, help decorate afor a wedding, went for walks....and many other fun fun things.

THANKS Bubbles for coming! We miss you already!!

Boys, Boys, Boys!!!

While the babies were sound asleep the big boys and I played outside and of course I had my camera with me the entire time!

The Sprinkler

The other afternoon were outside playing in with the sprinkler have a wonderful time and then Will had a funny idea. To place the sprinkler by the back door and call out for Nana to come see something! Of course Nana heard and say everything the boys were doing, she's so smart! While Will and the other boys are calling for Nana she runs to the back room and grabs...

...one of her slickers from Disneyland. Which worked well but the laundry room got drenched. It was still funny!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Foot

How sweet is this? My sweet baby Nathan snoozing away. Doesn't everyone need a foot pillow like this?


The word of the week this week is iron/metal for my photography project I am doing. This activity has been a lot of fun to participate in. Each week I am focused and looking differently at everyday objects and things I have seen a ton of times. Which picture do YOU like most?

#1 is of the beautiful Redlands California temple. The gate around the temple has the same design as the temple itself which I thought was very original.
#2 is a beautiful gate at one of the mansions around Santa Barbara I drive by almost daily.
#3 is a very, very old chain attached to rock boulders. It reminds me the old hitching posts from the 1800's. This is located at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History entrance.

What do YOU like best??

Saturday, June 19, 2010


With all the wood working Bill and Scott have been ding for the past couple weeks, they're almost pros! In the garage at our new house in Utah there was room over the extension over the 3rd stall. So what do you think they did?

Build their own over head storage with no plans!

How cool is that?!