Sunday, July 6, 2014

Days 5 and 6: Thompson Family Road Trip - Magic Mountain

The big boys, Scott and I woke up early and headed for Magic Mountain. Earlier in the year, the boys participated in a special reading program where the reward was a free ticket to Magic Mountain! So of course, we took advantage of that!! We left beautiful 70 degree weather in Santa Barbara and entered 95 degree nastiness. BUT, we were able to ride fun, scary rides to make up for the terrible weather!

We spent the night at a nearby hotel and headed back to Magic Mountain the following day. Well, the boys did. I chose to stay behind and lounge poolside, read a book and relax. I'm glad I did. The boys were there right when the gates opened and ran right onto several rides! They had a blast!!

We left around 4 or so and met up with Nana, Papa, Nathan and Preston in downtown Santa Barbara. My mom took the kids to a new fun pizza place while Scott and I indulged in some delicious Italian food at Pascucci's. 

Can't beat the view!!