Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I turned the BIG 4-0 a few weeks ago. When I was in High School my mom turned 40 and man was that old! :) Now that I am 40, I feel differently about it! It's not bad, at all!! I've been looking forward to this birthday for a while and excited for it to come. We celebrated on my birthday and then entire rest of the week and into the weekend! It was great!!

I wore a tiara Scott bought for me. Scott also bought me 40 red roses and a small blue box from Tiffany's. The boys all got me darling gifts. My mom had 40 red, pink, yellow and white roses delivered to my house. It was awesome!!

On my actual birthday we went out to a Mexican restaurant with several cousins. It was great food and wonderful company.  The next day, I went out to dinner with some of my closest friends. We ate at Tepanyaki and it was a lot of fun! I plan on having a birthday party; but I want a luau, so I am waiting until the end of May or so. 

There's been a few things I've wanted to do but always said in the back of my mind, "I'll wait until I am 40 to do that...". Dumb little things. Most I've already done.  Having my eyebrows professionally threaded. (That was weird!!), My armpits lasered. Teeth professionally whitened. New hair-do. Just to name a few.