Monday, October 14, 2013

We are MOVING!!!

We're just not sure exactly where or when! Our goal is to be moved into our new home by summer time. We're staying here in Utah, Salt Lake is our home and we will never leave. There are a few neighborhoods we love. We want to stay in Olympus High School district too. We've been looking around, but nothing has caught our total attention yet. We want to move in a nearby neighborhood with very little to no crime. So, if there is a house for sale around you, please let us know!! We would like either a small grandma home on a larger lot that we could tear down and build a new larger home on; or a home that is already built, and a little newer. The home HAS to have an in-law suite with two bedrooms.

We've been thinking about this for quite some time now. My main reason for moving is, unfortunately, the crime rate is slowly moving up around here and it's beginning to scare me too much to handle. Also, we need a larger home. I was telling some of my friends at church yesterday that we were moving, and they were totally shocked! After they asked why and I explained the number one reason, they thought I was kidding. At that same moment a couple of older men walked into the room and said, "crime?" with a chuckle. They said they haven't heard about anything like that happening around here. Sad. Sad that they didn't know about it. I wish people would stop telling me about it (That's not directed to you Jen!!)

We're in the very beginning stages of figuring this all out. We're still not totally sure if we want to buy or build. I have started an idea book that is focused on our wishlists if we decide to build. Floor plans, sizing, rooms...It's been very beneficial. It's also been fun to gather the boys ideas and adding them to Scott's and my own. We've also knocked on a few doors, in some of the neighborhoods that we like, to ask them about it. We've been able to gather a lot of great information. Another HUGE selling point is the ward we'd be attending. The Primary and Young Men's program needs to be large in participation numbers. The Thompson Clan does not want to be the largest contributing factor in either one.

Please don't feel bad if I haven't told you yet that we're moving. We just recently decided to start talking to people. Our biggest reason for telling people so soon....Because YOU may know of a home we'd be interested in!!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

funny you are feeling the "itch" got the itch as well. we have outgrown our home. unlike you though we have our eye on this beautiful plot...144 acres! yeah...plenty of room for the Jordan AND Thompson crews!!! :) Jace informed me that if I find the perfect house THEN I can show it to him. In the meantime, I'm just going on "home tours" :) Good luck!