Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tyler is in the double digits!!

Tyler turned 10!!! He's now in the double digits and loving it!! We threw a pool party for him a couple of weeks ago, right after his football game. (which they won by the way!! Tyler scored 4 touchdowns!!) Our good friends let us have it at their home. They have a huge yard with a zip line and tramp.

The boys played a little football while waiting for the rest of their friends to arrive.

It was about 55-60 degrees that day. But, the pool was heated to 90 degrees! The boys had a ton of fun jumping and playing in the warm water.

We served hot dogs , cheeseburgers, drinks, chips and other delicious, non-healthy food.

Even this little guy ate a cheese burger!

Pops was in town! He helped manning the grill.

All the boys ended up in the Jacuzzi. Like I said, it was super cold!

Tyler had 12 friends and also his brothers there to share in this extra special day. Tyler is such a great kid. He is super athletic, smart and will try anything. He is also a tender hearted kid and loves to snuggle with me.