Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We took family pictures a few weeks ago in an apple orchard. It was fun, but it sure is hard getting 7 little, energetic bodies to hold still, smile, and not move for several minutes. Here are just a few of the outtakes of our adventure.
Look at cute little Nathan in the middle with his mean guy scowl.  Watch out, he's about to punch you out!
And then the next one is a tad too smiley. He is such a ham!
Preston kept eating apples the entire time we were there. So 99% of the pictures he has an apple in his hand and a mouthful as well.


I asked Will to smile and he gave me this sleezy pose.

Nathan is totally done with posing, Preston is still chomping away and Brig's is getting into it. What's up?

 More apple tasting.

I have no idea what Jackson is doing, but he sure is a cutie!!
I will be posting the real pictures later!! Stay tuned!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! These are the greatest photos! So much character comes out of each one of your little men! Where did that blondie come from?!? Last time I saw a photo he didn't have hair! :) Love every one of them!