Monday, May 5, 2014

It took me a minute...or a couple of hours...

A few weeks ago my mom was in town and we decided to head to Fetal Photos in a nearby mall to have an ultrasound. My mom really wanted to be part of that experience and we all were excited to find out what I was having. 

I was sure the baby was another boy, because what else could it be? That's all I know! I would of been thrilled for either a baby girl or boy, but my money was on a boy.

As soon as the ultrasound started we could see immediately the gender on my 8th baby...a BOY! How wonderful. How exciting. As I sat there I became slightly sad thinking this is my last baby. I will not be a mother of girls. It was still super cool to see the baby moving around, waving, sucking his thumb and seeing the heart beat. 
As I drove home I was still a little sad. I've never been a little sad after an ultrasound. This was a completely new experience for me. I'm thrilled the baby is a healthy boy, but it dawned on me that this was it. No girls. No sweet little princess to dress up, head to toe. 

I hurried and posted on Facebook and Instagram that I was having another boy. And I was very glad I did that. After 30-45 minutes the responses from family and friends was so overwhelming with positive wonderful messages of my 8th baby boy. 

I was no longer sad. I was energized with the thought of another son. Another missionary. Another member in the Army of Helaman. I am still thrilled. I can't wait to meet this sweet little guy. 

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Qwendykay said...

Lori, I am stoked you are having a boy! I love that you are going to have a whole army of boys. You do boys so well and I am amazed by the grace with which you handle being a mother.