Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kindergarten Graduate!

Even though he looks like he finished the 2nd grade, this sweet guy is a recent Kindergarten graduate!

Brigham had a wonderful year. Spelling, reading and math came easily to him. He made several friends and played with everyone. He loved going to school but is thrilled to be moving on to the 1st grade where he gets to stay all day and eat lunch at school. 

His teacher Mrs. Mills handed out certificates with different candies for each child. Mrs. Mills explained that Brig's would ask several times a day when recess was, always full of energy and wanting to run out and play with friends. He received a Recess Pieces candy. Such a cleaver idea Mrs. Mills! The children all received different candies! 

The next morning he was getting ready for school and I reminded him there is no more school. His reply was, "yes I do, I'm in the first grade!"  Sweet boy, after summer you can go back to school. 

Congrats Brigham!! You're an awesome kid!!