Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The first week

Looking over these pictures makes me incredibly grateful that he is OUT OF ME and that everything went smoothly. He's healthy, and I'm happy. 

Here's Nana at the hospital taking a boatload of pics of baby Robbie. He went to the nursery to get his first bath. He loved it. 

A few hours later, all the brothers came to the hospital to meet the little guy. Everyone loved meeting Robbie. Loved holding him. Loved kissing him. 

Because he weighed more than 9 pounds he had to be tested (repeatedly) to get his Bilirubin levels checked.  With the Gavin, Brigham and Nathan, they had to be under the bili-lights for a couple of days.  But Robbie lucked out and didn't need them, but it didn't stop them having to check the levels a bunch of times. Ouchy!! 

He passed his hearing test.

More snuggle time with Nana. His poor eyes were so swollen and red. It may have been Nana's perfume! :)

Look at all that hair! Sure is a Nielsen baby!!

He looks just like Gavin when he was born. He also makes a ton a of grumpy old man faces. It's so funny.

First family picture!!

Out of all the boys, I've been most surprised with this guy. Tyler is a total jock. He is super hyper, always bouncing off the walls (driving me bonkers), always too touchy and bugging his brothers... But, around this new baby he is a different kid. He is soft and gentle and kind. He holds Robbie more than anyone else. Tyler will snuggle him and love him until he falls asleep in his arms. 
All the boys have welcomed Robbie into the family with open arms. They all kiss and hold him ever chance they get. It's been wonderful. But I am especially touched by Tyler's love for him.