Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Boys

Will is a smart, hard-working, handsome son. He's the oldest, and he's great at it. Will is a great example to all his brothers and a huge help to me. Will loves football, lacrosse, and park skiing. He's in 10th grade at Olympus High School, has all advanced classes and is pulling straight A's.

Jackson has a great imagination and keeps us laughing. He is very creative and is great at drawing, writing and making up stories. He is my number 1 go-to-guy for babysitting; Such a great helper!! Jackson is in 8th grade at Evergreen Jr. High, is in advanced classes and is doing great.

Tyler is in the 6th grade and is my super athletic son. He is great at most sports but excels at football, lacrosse and basketball. Tyler is wild and crazy and always fun to be around. Tyler is great with his newest younger brother, Robbie. It is so sweet to see such an aggressive guy become so soft and kind to a baby brother. 

Gavin is almost 9 years old and such a great kid. Gavin is the most confident and brave kid that I know. He will disappear, off on his own, without a care in the world.  Gavin is a good looking kid with lots of girls that follow him around. Gavin loves most sports and especially loves park skiing. You will find him skiing backwards down the hill. Before leaving, anywhere, he makes sure his hair is combed perfectly. 

Brigham is the biggest "ham" of them all, and that must be why it is in his name. He is the sweetest little personality, and is so kind to everyone. Brigham is the biggest love bug; always hugging, kissing and snuggling with me. He is the biggest 6 year old you'll ever meet, but a super soft teddy bear inside. Brigham tries to do everything his older brothers do. He loved playing flag football, but is ready for the real stuff next year. He loves playing basketball and park skiing. 

Nathan is such a great kid. He is 5 years old and loves playing outside and playing inside. He enjoys watching YouTube tutorials on Minecraft games and then grabbing my cell phone or iPad and advancing in the game. He's a little quieter than the others, but still a fun, outgoing kid. Nathan is enjoying his last year of preschool and is already excited for Kindergarten to start next year. 

Preston is secretly my favorite son! He has such a great personality. Preston talks ALL THE TIME and asks a bazillion questions about everything. I love how inquisitive he is. If you are sad or angry, just spend 5 minutes with this kid and he'll make you not only smile but you'll be laughing. Preston is such a riot! He is a little mini version of all of the other boys. 

And then there's Robbie. He is a darling. He sleeps great, thank goodness! He's starting to smile and coo at me and the other boys. He reminds me of Benjamin Button with his grumpy old man faces that he makes. I love his huge dark, blue eyes and when he scrunches his forehead. So cute! He's also my favorite...shhh, don't tell!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

Loved the updates on all the little men! I haven't been on in a while and now I have so much fun stuff to read! Love you guys so much!