Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blessing Day

Today was an extra special day...It was Robbie's blessing day. We are so blessed to have this sweet addition to our family. He really is a great baby. Robbie eats well, sleeps well, has good wake times and now is smiling and cooing at all of us. 

We had so many wonderful family and friends that came to support us this morning. A special thanks to all of those families!! The Schmidt family, The Walker family (times 2), The Goodrich family, The Monson family, The Vail family, The Gardner family, Jackson Mann, The Gormus family, The Towers family, Scott's parents, The Jessop family, and many wonderful ward member families. 

The blessing Scott offered was sweet and full of lots of special blessing Robbie is entitled to. There were 12 incredible men that stood in the priesthood circle to participate in the blessing. 
After the blessing and sacrament it was fast Sunday. Cute Tyler and Gavin walked up to the pulpit and bore their testimonies. It was sweet to hear them speak. I felt the spirit really strong and also bore my testimony, even though I wasn't planning on it. I expressed how blessed I am with Robbie and all of my sweet boys in my life. Robbie was wrapped in a blanket that my aunt Margene made for my brother's blessing many many years ago. I bore testimony that families are forever and I know I will see Margene and William again. 

After church we all came back to our house where we served Banbury Cross Donuts milk and juice. It was fun to mingle with everyone.

After it was all over this cutie pie slept for 3 hours!