Monday, July 6, 2015

Goodbye Elementary School

Happy day! On June 3rd at 8:30 am Tyler, and many others, celebrated their 6th grade Promotion. It was a short and sweet program. There were musical numbers and speakers. Mr. Grant from the Jr. High spoke, as well as Mrs. West the principal. Nana and Papa flew into town and Scott had the morning off so we could all be a part of this special event.

Tyler was one of the children who spoke at the promotion. ( I was short a speaker and made him do it!)

After shaking hands with Mrs. West, his teacher, Mr. Frank, and the other 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Emery, Tyler took off and ran across the stage...

Did a heel click...and pretended to expose his chest like Superman (just like he does after scoring in football!) Such a funny kid!

Tyler pulled straight A's all year long. He was an excellent student that pushed himself mentally and physically. Tyler has a lot of friends, many interests and loves to try new things. He is READY for 7th grade and can't wait to go to Evergreen Jr. High next year. Great job Tyler. We love you!!!