Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Skate Park/Hiking/Tracy Aviary

We have one heck of a Summer To Do list this year and we've been great at crossing items off left and right! One day we went to TWO different skate parks, ate a free lunch at IKEA and cooled off at a local splash pad. The boys loved the skate park! They've asked to go back several times! All the boys tried jumps and tricks. Even Preston had a good time!

Another fun, adventurous day we were off on TWO different hikes. The first was Grafitti Rock (aka suicide rock) which was very easy and beautiful. I wish we would of brought spray paint though...

It was getting pretty hot that day so we drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon and hiked Donut Falls, another pretty easy hike and very beautiful. I  printed out nature scavenger hunts for the little kids and a harder one for the older boys. It was a lot of fun. The boys teamed up and worked together to complete their searches. 

Another day we stopped off at (THE BEST) doughnut shop (Banbury Cross) and then headed to Tracy Aviary. We stopped under a tree for a picnic then ate those delicious donuts. It was a pretty hot day so we walked to a nearby splash pad to cool off. 

This summer has been a lot of fun. My house is messier than ever because we're always out playing. And it's great! I really enjoy planning and spending time with these kiddos. They are pretty cool boys and I'm glad to be their mom.