Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We haven't decided on a name yet. We like a ton, but just aren't sure which one will suit this sweet baby best. Scott is confident this is our LAST boy. So it puts a little more pressure on me to make sure it's a strong, powerful, great name. We do a little test with the first, middle and last name and put Mr., Dr., Pres. and others in front of it. But it needs to be cute for a baby too. We're also big into shortening the name (William/Will...) We also have not duplicated any first letters in the first or middle names.

In no particular order....

Nathan (Nate)

For middle names we still love Joseph (my mom's grandpa's name). But, haven't really thought of the middle until we get the first name list down to a few.


Autumn Higbee said...

I like Camden it is my newest nephews name. It is very popular right now. I also like Simon and Nathan. I like Joseph for the middle name but if you end up not using it try Scott if you have not used it for your other boys. We chose Arik and then gave him Jays first name John for his middle name. Family names are great for middle names.
Excited for you,

NIKOL said...

Simon is my favorite boy name of all time (which is why we used that for our last baby!). But from your list, I think I'd go with Nathan. And Joseph is a good middle name that goes with almost everything.

Picking baby names is so much fun!

Zana said...

I could totally see you with a Landon Joseph Thompson on your hip:)
You have such a long list to choose from! James & I can't even agree on 2 names (he comes up with wacky ones just to bug me)
Can't wait to see who he will be, hope you're surviving your hot, hot summer!

Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

I talked with Saige and she likes Nathan!!!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

love all of them...jace's test is first the popularity test...is it on the baby name lists? if so...how popular? he'd prefer one that isn't even on it. then, he tries every single teasing rhyming name he can come up with to ensure that if the child is teased he's not teased too badly :) no joke, this is what we go through before it can even be an option. nathan would be good...all of them really...gonna have to wait and see him and then you'll know!

Corinna said...

i love simon. it is very solid and not as common as those others. it goes well with joseph too.

shalene said...


shalene said...

Oh and I love the name Nate, but Im not so big on Nathan, I love Preston also..

rachel said...

I like Camden. It's cute. I also favor Grant but just because it's the next on our list;) Happy Name Hunting.

Deanna said...

Nathan is a good classic and works the best for shortening. I mean no kids wants to be called Land,Brand or Prest and Harry sound olds :) But my vote is for Spencer.

Chandy said...

I like the name Preston or Landon, each are decidedly male names and sound well with any last name.

Good luck!

Lacey said...

Landon and Grant are my top 2...then Simon! How fun!! Picking baby names is the so much fun! Good luck deciding! Atleast you have a ton of options!