Monday, January 2, 2012

A whole new year...already!

Happy New year's!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's! It sure has been quit busy, but loads of fun, around here!!
Scott had 11 days off and we spent every moment together as a family! My mom and Bill were in town for a few days for Christmas, which was a lot of fun having them here.  We went skiing a couple of times, out to dinner, to the zoo (in 55 degree weather!!), to Trafalga(miniature golfing, laser tag, rock wall, video games), to see the temple lights, slept in many days, went to the park, hung out with family...
New Year's eve was Scott's birthday. We had a delicious meal and played games for a couple of hours. I made strawberry cupcake's and we went to a neighbors house (with about 50 other people) to watch 2012 fireworks! It was awesome!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Scott! I hope you had a great day, we sure did!!
On New Year's day we started church a little earlier, which was great! We got a new bishop and Brigham started Sunbeams!
There are a lot of WONDERFUL things planned for this new year. I hope your 2012 will be as great as ours!!