Saturday, December 31, 2011

7 Stitches

 While playing outside Brigham jumped off a small dirt mound and landed on his face, on a sharp rock and sliced his cute little nose open. Scott applied pressure as we drove straight to Primary Children's Hospital ER.
 They gave him a IV in his hand so he could receive some sleepy medicine. After a few minutes he started giggling and calling for me, "Lori, Lori..." So funny!

They had to flush out the jagged wound before stitches. Cute Scott helped the MD with a new trick to sucher up stitches. (And BTW, the only reason Scott didn't do it himself was because it was so jagged Brigham needed to be seen by the Plastic's department!)
7 stitches later...He was a little groggy last night but slept great. Today, he has been acting like nothing ever happened to him. Such a strong kid. He has enjoyed showing people his stitches, and loves the attention!
Thanks Bubbles for the Popsicles! He's already eaten half of them!