Sunday, March 18, 2012

Debbie's Funeral

 On Saturday, March 10th was Debbie's funeral. We arrived a little early to visit Gram's and a few other family graves at the cemetery. Look at all these HANDSOME boys!
 Debbie's casket was beautiful! Lite pink and silver. Inside the chiffon material was a soft pink with a little white, Debbie's favorite color!
 The flowers were amazing! The ones on her casket but also the 20 plus other bouquets all around. Matt spoke about the bananas in his talk and Elisa spoke about the Dr. Pepper. They both went into the casket with Deb. Also, a cute stuffed bear from her two adorable grand kids.
 Here is a great picture of Scott, her husband, Elisa, Brian and Lindsay, her kids with spouses Kade and Ember.
 Elisa, Brian and Lindsay standing in front of the flowers they ordered together for their mom. Just beautiful!

 There was such a great turn out. At the church earlier in the morning the entire stake chapel was filled and it extended into the culterhall.

After Scott spoke, Richard (Debbie's dad) embraced each other. It was another wonderful moment!
We all miss you Debbie! You will always remain alive in our minds, hearts, and memories!


Angie said...

Beautiful job Belle. My regret is no one took my picture by her casket. Makes me sad. Is there anyway Scott.. The computer puerto, could transfer this tribute to me blog? . That would mean A lot! That pic of my dad and Scott is priceless. Thanks... Plus I'd liver a burned cd if all the photos scott took xo

Diana said...

Beautiful! I, too, especially love the one with Dick. Thank you for sharing:)