Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pot of Gold

For primary I wanted to do a fun activity to celebrate St. Patrick's day, so today we played Pot of Gold. The children took turns shooting the gold (balloon) into the pot. I started out by talking in an Irish accent, but ended up speaking like I was from Jamaica! The Jr. primary thought it was funny! I covered a laundry basket with black material for the pot and blew up 5 balloons and wrote a song on each of them. One of the balloons had "You choose".
 Before and after church Nathan had a fun time playing with them.

Thanks again to my favorite primary site I Heart Primary Music for another fun, easy, and good idea!!

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Lacey said...

I did something similar with my kids. We learned the new song for March and since it was so easy, each time they learned a line we added a color to our rainbow. I cut stripes of colored construction paper. Once the rainbow was completed the kids got their pot of gold (a green bowl filled with rolos) They loved it and learned the song super fast!