Thursday, March 15, 2012

VERY Productive Day!

 Today was a very productive day, I love days like this. We worked in the garden, exercised, and made lots of yummy treats! One of my friends told me she ordered a bunch of Fuji apples for .65 cents a pound and was planning on drying them. I called my contact at the whole sale produce and I could order a huge box of Fuji apples for .51 cents a pound! So I ordered a box! The boys and Scott helped peel them all and we dried them in our new dehydrate that papa bought for us! We gave the chickens a bunch of the leftovers and they devoured it! The rest went into the compost!

 I also ordered 30 8 pound flats of strawberries (for only $8.00 a flat!!) for myself and some gals in my produce co-op. One entire flat we washed, took the stem off and cut in half to freeze for the summer. Yummy shakes are in our future!
 The weather has been so warm and lovely these past few days. Some of the plants are starting to come through! I bought a bunch of seed packets and bulbs so we worked in the garden and planted everything. Down our long driveway we planted those huge sunflower plants and lots of California Poppy's. Can't wait!

One of our neighbors gave us about 20 raspberries plants. I had about 8 and we yielded about a handful last year from them. Scott and planted those in our raspberry patch on the side on our yard. I love raspberries! Scott also racked and weeded all around the yard. Our chickens have made a real mess in our backyard!

Scott and I also went on a 1.5 mile speed walk while the sun was out and it was so nice. Fresh air, sunshine. 65 degrees! Love it!


rachel said...

You always seem very productive to me. Good job on the apples!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

okay...why don't we live next door to each other???!!! all of those things that you just said...we do those things too...every day! :) i would so love to be doing them WITH you guys! love the new dehydrator...papa's so great! long days but oh so fulfilling eh?!

NIKOL said...

Please keep us posted about the raspberries! I love berries. I grew some blackberries last year but, sadly, a gopher got to the plant and destroyed it. This weekend we had a bunch of rain in San Diego, and just before the storm got here I planted a bunch of stuff in the garden. Nice that it all got a good soaking! I love working in the garden!!