Sunday, February 3, 2013

Heavy Heart

These past couple days I've had an extra heavy heart and been real emotional. I attended my cousin, Alison's, baptism yesterday afternoon. During the beautiful baptism and confirmation I sat there watching all my cousins and their friends and realized William won't be attending any more of my family's various activities. No more baptisms, birthday parties, trips to Disneyland, mission farewells, weddings...It made me sad. William wasn't in attendance to all of our family affairs, but he came when he could. It makes me sad that I won't see him again here on earth. I miss him.

I miss our letters we'd write back and forth while he was in jail or prison. I miss the quick conversations we'd have while he was in my mom's kitchen and I was here in SLC. I miss when we were together and we'd gang up on my mom and tease her relentlessly. I miss my brother.

At church this afternoon I shared my testimony with my ward that I know the church is true . I know William is in heaven and I will see him again. I know families are forever. I know Heavenly Father wants all His children to return and live with Him  and He'll do everything he can to make that possible.

I know his spirit will be in all those places watching us. I know I'll see him again. I know he loves us. I miss my brother.

I am so thankful for so many wonderful, caring, supportive friends who continually remind me how sorry they are for my loss and are there if I need anything. I am really lucky to have such a strong support system and feel completely blessed, even when tragedy occurs. So, thank you!!!


Angie said...

I love this post. ..

I love William. ..


I love YOU!!

Angie said...
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