Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Hawaii

The sunsets were amazing in Hawaii, every evening we'd sit and watch it. Peaceful and so beautiful.

We went snorkeling several times at many different locations, it was incredible. We brought the Go Pro and took pictures and videos under the water. I'll post of that later. We brought our own snorkel gear so we could take it with us wherever we went.

We went on a hike to see petroglyphs which was pretty cool. There were also rock shelters that the Native Hawaiians built to protect themselves from the wind.

We're lounging on the beach watching the sunset at the Marriott Resort in Kona.

We stayed on Kona for 6 days then flew to Kauai for a couple days. We're at Marriott Kauai Beach Club resort beach for the last part of our fabulous vacation.

Sad time, we had to pack up ad head home. Preston was great on the flights and was extra hungry, so we fed him Scott's hat.

One of my last view's out my window of the beautiful tropical islands.


Kara Miller said...

Looks like you guys went to Duke's! Hope you got some Hula Pie :)

rachel said...

Looks wonderful!