Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Wish

If a genie offered me wishes, I would only need one. Really, only one.

I've always been the kind of gal that wants to be better and I am continually striving to do more. Always trying new things and making improvements. I do this for myself, as well as for my family.  These past few months has made a stronger impact on me to do even more. To be even better.

I would love to see a glimpse of my life in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and so on. I would love to see how my boys are doing. I would love to see what they're doing. Then, I would take that information, good or bad, and change what I'm doing right now to ensure those glimpses into the future that they'd be good.

Now, back to my one wish. What would yours be? Money? Fame? Great job? A baby? Health? All of these would be great, but none are the one I would wish for. My one wish would be that all my children would be active members of the church for the rest of their lives. All I want is that my boys stay worthy members of the church. That they have a desire to serve a mission, are worthy to enter the temple, want to be sealed for time and all eternity and raise their own offspring in the gospel. I am willing to do whatever I can to make this a reality and not just a wish.

Is there a recipe I can read that has step by step directions on what to and not to do? Is there a check off list to follow? That would be great. If you know of this list, please let me know ASAP because I will follow it to a T!

As I ponder and pray about what I need to do for my children, how I am suppose to raise them so my wish comes true, I can't help but think of the blanket answers of the gospel. Read your scriptures, attend church and pray always. Usually I don't like it when someone offers these as answers because they seem so simplistic; I want them to go deeper. But, in this case , I believe, it's the only answer.

It's not always easy to attend church every Sunday for 3 hours. It's not always convenient to gather everyone together and pray. It's not always inspiring to read scriptures with such young children. BUT they're all important. Actually, they're more than important; they're life altering. As our family does these things together, I feel the spirit. I feel more of a bond and connection with them individually and as a whole.

I was asked to speak in Gospel Doctrine last Sunday about "How I am preparing my boys to receive the Aaronic Priesthood". Above is what a summarized. I can't express to you how strongly I feel about this. And how important it is to me.

I know by doing this and following the words of the prophets my family will be together forever.


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

yep! I'd have to ask for the same thing! We have completely focused on the temple as a may come, friends may come, marriage may come, children may come. But without the ultimate goal of the temple and thus, the gospel, all will be so much more of a trial for them. It is our ultimate goal, to help them have a testimony firm in the gospel. I'll let you know if I find a list :)

NIKOL said...

The "Mormon Standard Answers" are standard for a reason. They really are the key!