Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I was asked to share my testimony on service, and this is what I typed up and sent in. After I emailed it to my friend, who is using several testimonies to bind together and share as part of a Relief Society Activity, I wanted to share this simple testimony with you.

I would like to share my testimony of the importance of service and its rewards. The simple act of serving others goes far, even more than I think we know. Being on the receiving end of service, numerous times, has not only uplifted me but it also strengthens my testimony of service. I also know that when I make it a point to serve others, even in simple ways, it brings wonderful blessings to me and my family and give me good feelings that uplift me. 
I had the wonderful opportunity to service a mission in the Washington Spokane Mission for 18 months. I was able to sacrifice these months of my life to serve;To serve the people in Washington, To serve the Lord, and even To serve myself. I was and still am being blessed for that tremendous effort.
I also believe that service is an important principle that I want my boys to learn for themselves.  We make it a point to actively serve those around us and understand the opportunities that could be afforded to us by simply keeping our eyes out for such opportunities.