Monday, April 1, 2013

Science Birthday Party

 A few weeks ago we celebrated Brigham and Gavin's birthday by hosting a Science Party. It was fun to plan and fun to be part of.
Scott and Will, gladly, played the role of mad scientists and helped run the entire party. I have all these grand ideas of vacations and parties and Scott is the one who always pulls them off perfectly!

When the children came in they had to use a disinfectant hand rub  and then scan their hand on the iPad to make sure they had clearance to enter the party.
Next Will would hand them some nerdy glasses and a couple of antibiotics (Mike and Ike candies) that they needed to take before entering the lab.
While we were waiting for the other children to arrive, we made molecules in the kitchen by using toothpicks and mini marshmallows.

Scott held their attention by showing a few different science projects.

 Density test (above). Elephant toothpaste (below).

Slime. And a few others...

 We then headed outside to make fake snow.

 We handed out water bottles with balloons attached to the top. As they poured the powder (baking soda) fro the balloon into the bottle (containing vinegar) the balloon expanded.
Here is Brigham with his "girlfriend" Betty. They are inseparable. So cute!

 The perfect ending was the Diet Coke and Mentos trick. Such a fun party. The kids took their glasses, bottles with balloons and a bag filled with fun Science activities.

Two hours later, we held another Science Party for Jackson and Tyler!!

Scott attached the laptop to the TV in the kitchen and loaded a few fun videos to watch.

There was a competition between Tyler's Diet Coke bottle and Jackson's...Jackson's went higher and won!

Cupcakes for all! I sprinkled pop rocks on top of them. They were a huge hit!



Clarissa B. said...

wow! you are such good parents! what fun parties!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

you guys are AWESOME...a whole lot a crazy...but so much AWESOME!

rachel said...

I love the pop rocks idea!