Thursday, July 11, 2013


Bowling is a very fun summer activity. There are tons of summer deals that, of course, we're taking advantage of thoughout the valley. Some deals are for kids to bowl 2 free games every day. Others are a Buy One game Get One FREE.
While Papa was here, we went bowling. It sure was fun. All my boys enjoy bowling and are pretty good at it. But, no one was even close to Bill's score! 147 first game and a 153 was his score for the second game! Way to go Papa!!

On a different evening, Scott joined us for some bowling fun at Fat Cats.

  And this is how champions bowl...while holding a baby!! CRAZY SKILLS!!!

After bowling, we hung out at the arcade for a bit and played some games. My boys are always scavengers and they would find money and coins everywhere we go!!