Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Donuts, birds and Geocaching

THREE items crossed off our list in one day!! First we stopped off at the best donut shop, ever. Banbury Cross Donuts. I am not a donut fan at all. But, I will one or two from there anyway of the week!

With our passes of all passes we can get into the Tracy Aviary for a buck each. A couple of the boys have been there before on school field trips, but it was most of our first time there.

Eagles are the most beautiful, exquisite bird. I love just watching them. So majestic and powerful.

And what about these beautiful flamingos? Why in the world are they so dang stinky? Beautiful with a stench! This was the first time I noticed how they build their nests. The make a huge mud mound for their egg to cradle in. Very interesting.

There is ONE hidden geocache located inside the aviary, and the boys found it!!  Way to go Thompson's!!!