Friday, August 23, 2013


A year ago I went (8 months pregnant) to New York City with my Cousins, Angie and Aleigh. We had a blast! There were so many fun things to do and yummy places to eat there! Our absolute favorite was Max Brenner's restaurant. A couple weeks ago, we found out there is a new Max Brenner's restaurant in Las Vegas! Aleigh is about to leave on her mission (to Argentina on Sept. 11th !! YEAH!!) so we needed to plan a quick trip for a couple days before she leaves. This time Brynnlee joined us. It was a fast planned trip but totally worth it!!

First stop, the St. George temple!! After a few photos outside, we went through the Visitor's Center and talked with several Sister missionaries. It was a fun, uplifting break from driving in the car. 

As soon as we arrived in Vegas, we unloaded the car and headed on the shuttle to the Bellagio. It's always a favorite stop of mine. So beautiful inside and out. We walked around the Bellagio conservatory and Botanical bombing people, laughing, and enjoying our surroundings. Actually we photo bombed our entire trip. We were hilarious!!

Next stop, Max Brenner's for dinner and dessert!! Super good!!! This was Brynn's first time and she enjoyed it as much as we did!! YUMMY!

I made breakfast for the girls every morning, which was fun and delicious! I always love drinking OJ (or whatever) out of wine glasses and feeling so elegant and rich.

Next day we swam and laid out, went shopping, Max Brenner's for lunch, more shopping...We had a blast. The best photo bomb of the trip was at Max's. The table next to us sat 8 or so girls that all gathered together for a photo opt. Without even saying anything, all of us sat up real tall in our chairs and smiled for the camera. After, we started crying because we were laughing so hard. We kept saying as soon as those girls post their Vegas trip pic's they will notice all of us in their shot! So funny!!

Later that night we all rode on the New York, New York roller coaster. What a blast that was!!

On our last day we went shopping, stopped by Max's for a chocolate shake to go and headed home. We stopped off again in St. George for gas and a drink at Swig. Such a fun little drink shop.

I am glad we were able to make this quick Vegas trip happen. It was a blast spending time with these beautiful, inspiring, wonderful ladies!! I love them all like my own sisters!!