Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was an exceptionally fun day. In the morning, we made a big breakfast, wrapped more gifts, went skiing and then spent the evening with cousins. The only bummer was that Scott had to work ALL day. After eating dinner with the cousins, we watched a great video about Christ's birth and life with lots of different Prophets bearing testimony. It is always a great time when we're with family.

This year, we choose "candy" as the theme of our tree. It turned out beautifully. 

We headed home to open ONE gift; which, of course, was a gift wrapped in special Christmas paper.  

After opening the gifts, the boys changed into pajamas, took a few more pics and then the little ones headed to bed.

Brigham begged to sleep on the couch. He really, really, really, wanted to see Santa. As I was trying to explain it would be better to sleep in his room, Will came over and said that if Santa comes and we're awake, he won't leave any gifts! That helped Brig's to head straight to his room. We put out the note, milk and cookies on our special Santa plate and then the boys were off.

THANK YOU Will for assembling 1 of the 3 bikes for me later that night!!