Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Morning

We all woke up around 8am or so and headed straight downstairs. The boys found their stockings and were thrilled with the contents. Cute Preston found the extra cookies Santa left and gnawed on those while opening gifts. 

We then made breakfast; french toast with homemade syrup, scrambled eggs and sausage with orange juice. After the boys devoured their meal, we all cleaned up and headed over to the tree to open presents.

 These lucky boys all receive NEW bikes!! (Fingers crossed Gavin doesn't abandon one on the side of the road! Again)

We pull out one gift at at time so every one can watch them open the gift. Here's cute Preston, with his cookies still, opening one of his gifts.

 He was so delicate and slow opening the gifts, that the other brothers had to help out to get things moving!

For one of Will's gifts we had to venture outside. It was hidden behind the snow mound in the front yard. A Skateboard rail that he will use for his skis and snowboard to practice sliding and doing tricks in the back yard.

 Brigham has been asking for a remote control car since December 26th, last year! Thank goodness we found a good sturdy one, and thank goodness he loves it!!

Last minute (December 23rd) Tyler informed me he really, really, really wanted a mini basketball hoop for his bedroom door. THANKS to my cousin who was shopping at Costco and called me to see if I needed anything. Yes, yes I do. 

This was a fun gift to open! It's a huge Denver Bronco's pillow for Tyler wrapped in 12 plastic bags, tied really tight. It took him forever to open it. It was fun to tease him that the bags were the gifts! 

 We were all done opening gifts when we realized Preston still had 3 gifts still to open. He was so thrilled with that little orange toy (his first gift) he didn't care about the others. I helped him open them, and he still had no interest. Funny kid!

Matching Nerf Guns!!! Their first gift was a small package of extra nerf bullets that we had them open together. They both were like, "OK, thanks..." It was funny that they had no clue that the guns were yet to come! (Notice Preston with his cookies still!!!) 

Will was thrilled to receive a new GoPro, something he wanted but didn't ask for. It brought tears to his eyes. It's so cute to see him get so sentimental about stuff. 

 Here is Nathan with his loot.

Gavin and Tyler with their treasures.

 Jackson and Brig's with their gifts. 

I have no idea why there are no pictures of Scott nor I opening our gifts. Scott received a watch, church shoes, some Apple electronic stuff, ties, socks, DVD's, Garth Brooks CD's, and cologne. I was lucky to receive a Hobo wallet, iPad mini, Michael Kors perfume, a bacon press, air pop popper, and some jewelry. 

After opening gifts and playing with them, we all got dressed and headed out to the movies. We watched Disney's Frozen. Such a cute movie. I even got a little teary eyed during the song, "Let It Go". So simple, but profound. Yes, I need to let the little things go! 

After the movies, we came home to put the little ones to bed and the rest of us went skiing. It was a perfect ski day. Blue skies. So beautiful. After skiing we headed to our cousin's house to visit with all of them for a while. It's so wonderful living within 5 miles of 30 family members. It's been such a blessing moving to Salt Lake City to be near such wonderful people. 

It was then time to head home to make our traditional Christmas dinner: Prime Rib Roast with roasted carrots and mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese cups, homemade rolls (with homemade strawberry jam) and, of course, Sparkling Cider to toast with. 

That night we headed with several family members to the movies again! We watched Anchorman 2. So funny. Perfect way to end a perfect day.

I hope everyone had their own perfect Christmas day! 


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Stephanie Shumway said...

What fun!! They all got a great haul!