Friday, January 10, 2014


We've made an offer on a house!!! This is super exciting! Before we list our home, we have been deep cleaning...Spring cleaning...Winter cleaning? Anyways, we're going through everything. And we have been donating a load almost every day this week. We're also trying to sell the nicer items we own. I just placed all these items on KSL to sell, but if you're interested, I'd rather sell them to you!

 Brown wooded wicker end table $10
 8' and 10' candle sticks $15
 IKEA frame $15
 Almost new guitar with stand, strap, clamp and 2 picks $150.00
 Almost new crib tent $10
 Pottery Barn Crib $65
 Changing Table $25
 Bike/scooter ramp $15
 Leather Kindle cases $15 each or $25 for both
 with light
 Brand new Drill Master Heat gun $15
 Vans World Traveler Mens Snowboard boots size 11 $75.00
 Premade FHE packets $2.00 each

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

AAAHHH! I'm reading these backwards! I'm so excited for you guys! Congratulations! I'm guessing it's still in UTAH!?! Do not envy you! So much work. We finally unpacked the garage today...the last of the big rooms we HAD to get organized. Have fun and put up pics ASAP!