Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 1: Thompson Family Road Trip - Lake Tahoe

On Sunday, June 15th, we left our home in SLC super early and took off on I-80 heading west. We only stopped once, in Elko, for gas and then we were off again to Reno for lunch and Lake Tahoe for some swimming. Wow, Lake Tahoe was such an amazingly beautiful place. The weather was perfect. I could have taken hundreds of pictures of nature, the lake, the trees and the wildlife while I was there. It's a place I would move was that spectacular!

We headed to a beach called Sand Harbor, which, if you ever visit the Tahoe area, that beach is a MUST!! The clear water was a little chilly, but it was beautiful and fun. A huge area on that beach has very shallow sand harbor (hence the name) with several rocks that you can jump off of into the deeper water. 

 If you look close enough, that is Will over on those huge rocks. He jumped into the deep lake from a 15-18 foot cliff. It was fun to watch him!

 Huge redwoods covered the opposite side of the road and throughout the parking lot. What a beautiful place!

After spending several hours playing, swimming, exploring and having fun there at Sand Harbor, we headed to one of our timeshares in South Lake Tahoe. We all jumped in the pool and lounged in the Jacuzzi for a bit before we headed back to our rooms. Here's cute Preston after a shower. 

What a day! What a fun, family-bonding day. There were so many wonderful, amazing scenes everywhere we looked. This vacation is awesome so far!!

When we stopped in Elko, it was ugly. I would never stop there again!!! The gas station had NO toilet paper in any of the stalls. Gas was over a dollar more than in Utah AND Scott got a speeding ticket right when we drove onto the freeway from the same cop we saw in the gas station 5 minutes before. UGH!!