Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 3: Thompson Family Road Trip - Sacramento, Jelly Belly, Monterey

We stayed the night at our timeshare in Angels Camp, CA. It was beautiful there. This was the view from our 3 bedroom spot. Absolutely Beautiful. The kids went swimming and watched movies from huge flat screens hung by the pool, lounged in the extra large Jacuzzi and even met up with some other boys to play basketball with them.

We took off super early the next morning and drove straight to the  Sacramento Temple. It was tucked away off a busy street, surrounded by huge grass fields.  It was a nice pit stop for my boys to walk around while all of us talked about the Gospel and how wonderfully blessed we are.

Cute Gavin wanted to have his picture taken "holding up" Moroni. We stopped off at the mission home to drop off a care package to one of our favorite sister missionaries, Sister Zenger. (Keep rockin' it Sister!!)

Next we were heading to the Jelly Belly Factory. My mom and Bill had left at 5am from Santa Barbara that morning to meet us during our family vacation. It was great to have Nana and the boys reunited.

We went on the tour, which was really interesting and then, of course, went shopping afterwards! YUMMY!!

Next, we headed to Monterrey to the famous Dennis the Menace Park. What a park it is! It's HUGE with tons of different play structures to play and explore on.

A couple of blocks away is the wharf where we met up with Nana and Pops and roamed around for a while. There were sea lions! The kids ran around and we enjoyed sampling Clam Chowder at various restaurants. 

We then headed to the Embassy Suites, the hotel that we all stayed at. The boys quickly changed into their swimming suits and went swimming. The adults headed out to a nice seafood dinner later that night. It was delicious!

After leaving the Dennis the Menace Park, we split up into two cars; big kids in my car and little kids in Nana's. We headed to the wharf.  We got there first and waited almost an entire hour before Nana (FINALLY) arrived. (The park is only a few blocks away, but somehow she managed to still get lost!!) Once she arrived, I immediately notice she did NOT have Nathan! Oh my gosh! We ran back to the car and drove as fast as we could back to the park. In the parking lot were two police cars, and I knew it was serious! After parking we ran to the entrance where we met up with Nathan, a super nice mom and the police. I start crying, he starts crying and even some of the boys were crying. But he was safe. This nice mom noticed he was alone and sad and called the police. She even bought him a Happy Meal. After getting a lecture from the cops, we hugged everyone and got their picture before heading back to the wharf. I bought Nathan candy. I still feel so bad we left him. I'm sure thankful everything was okay and a kind mom helped him.