Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Eve/Day

Christmas Eve was awesome...except that Scott had to work all day. We hung out at the house, played games and watched movies. We baked sugar cookies and decorated them, tracked Santa's progress on the computer and in the evening we drove to Christmas Street and other neighborhoods decked out with tons of lights and also huge boards with scriptures that depict the story of Jesus' Birth. When we came back home we read a few stories about Christmas and the birth of Jesus. We then all opened one gift, PJ'S!

These cute Gingerbread pj's were bought for baby Will, 15 years ago. Each of my cute baby boys have worn them! 

 Here the boys are tracking Santa...He was in Europe at the time...

CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!  Most of us slept until 8:30 then met in the music room to open our stockings. Most everyone received the same stuff in their stockings; toothbrush, socks, candy. Others received DVD's, shirts Matchbox cars and gloves. And it FINALLY snowed!! It was a beautiful WHITE Christmas.

We took a short break from opening gifts to have breakfast, French toast, sausage, oj, hash browns and scrambled eggs. YUM. Then, back to the music room to open the rest of the gifts!!
Several months ago Scott and I asked the kids if this year we would only get them ONE gift and then a HUGE family gift. They all agreed! Scott and I bought the boys each a gift they wanted and then of course Santa brought them all a couple as well. 
It was a great morning!

Cute Preston is obsessed with motorcycles and Mickey Mouse. As soon as he opened his huge Mickey he ran over to his new red motorcycle and gave him a ride. Too cute!

After we had opened all the gifts we hurried into our swimming suits to enjoy our family gift...A new jacuzzi!!! (It's actually a used one. We scored a great deal from a guy in our ward that owns a Jacuzzi company!) 

After a while in the nice warm Jacuzzi we headed to a family movie, Alexander the terrible horrible no good very bad day (or whatever the real name is!) It was cute! We all enjoyed the film, very family-friendly. 

Dinner was another tradition; prime rib roast! We also had homemade rolls with homemade jam, grilled asparagus and garlic smashed potatoes. It was another great Christmas. We are all very blessed. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!