Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Happy, happy birthday Brigham! He is three years old even though he looks like he's five! I gave him a quarter this morning and he was thrilled! He loves saving quarters and using them at the grocery store for some candy or gum. It's the little things!

After a FREE lunch we headed to 31 Flavors for some FREE Ice cream!

After all the boys arrived home we headed to Fat Cats (it's like Chuck E. Cheese, but nicer and cleaner!)When we told Brig's that where we were heading he yells, "Ugh, Cats are stupid!" No, were not going to see a real cat!

Nathan played on this game for a long time and kept turning the wheel. Look how cute his finger is pushing the button!

Brigham jamming out on Dance Dance Revolution!
We ate dinner at the pizzeria located next to Fat Cats and it was yummy! Brigs opened all his fun gifts (Bubbles, coloring book, bouncy ball, more bubbles, and the animals that grow when you add them to water. Every time we'd sing to him he would sing along saying, "Happy birthday to meeeee!"
It was a FUN day! Happy Birthday big guy! I love you so much!


rachel said...

Cute pics!! Looks like a happy birthday to me!

peachytiffers said...

Man time flies!