Monday, March 7, 2011

More Basketball

Like I said earlier, the week long tournament was a blast. Between games, during time-outs and half time all the kids would run out and shoot baskets. It was such a fun week! Above is Tyler shootin' some. He was too young to play this year but is already excited for next year!

My games were on Thursday and Friday night and it was so fun! I did make this shot with a foil, and made the free throw! I received the "ICBYST" award from the tournament. (I can't believe you said that!) Now, I do have a potty mouth. BUT, I never said a single bad word in the entire tournament so I was really confused WHY I had received this award. The main guy running the entire tournament was also a ref for several games. I had told him the ref's for my first game sucked! And that's why he game me the award! (Relief!)
  During the breaks even Gavin would run out and play a little. He'd throw the ball as high as he could and never came close to the rim, but that didn't stop him! He kept throwing the ball over and over again! He was adorable out there!

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peachytiffers said...

Lori, we don't say word's like "suck" in our family. Oh, that was my family, sorry! lol, that cracks me up. One peg down on your Molly status. :)