Monday, June 20, 2011

My family just doubled in size!!

 We got 8 sweet baby chicks the other day! We've wanted chickens for a while now...When trying to decide which breed the store told us they were almost out of chicks and wouldn't be getting more until March. So I called my wonderful chicken friend, Minda, and we were off to the store. I forgot the breeds we purchased, but they are all the ones Minda has. And we all love hers!
 We let them out of their box for a couple hours a day to roam the yard. They find worms and lay in the sun. Everyone has named a chicken and has their own. I had to veto about 10 names until I was okay with them. Eglantine in the small grey one in the picture above. Hawk is Jackson's (in the first photo with the Mohawk feathers on his head!)

 A brown with gold lining is Bob, Brigham chose it. The chick looks like a roadrunner or a small ostrich with his long neck.
The are 2 black and White ones. One is Smores and the other is Rascal. (We can't let him roam...He runs and hides under our deck or climbs through the gate out of the yard.) There are 2 red chicks (those are my favorite!!) and their names are Prim Rose and Katniss (From The Hunger Games)
I already have a couple friends asked to buy their eggs as soon as they start laying. Sweet!
Welcome to the family girls! Now there are more girls than boys!! :)

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

finally!!! so glad you have them...we got that many too, though we have to part with the boys before they start cockadoodledooing :) enjoy them :) can't wait for those eggs!